Greater Good + Gawad Kalinga

With the Co-owner of Greater Good, Michael Concepcion. Cute huh?
(Greater Good shirt, Zara TRF shorts, H&M boots)

Greater Good, a clothing brand that I totally love, tied up with Bayan Anihan/ Gawad Kalinga Farm Build. We all spent the day at Tiaong Quezon (a 2-3 hour drive from where we all live) to help in the building of a farm for children. When we arrived, they were all excited to see us- really warms the heart. Michael Concepcion, a co-owner of Greater Good, did a fantastic job. Not only were we able to help them, but we all had a great time in the process. There was dancing, playing and laughing all throughout the day. 
I really loved how soft and comfy the shirt was while we were working hard under the scorching sun. The design of course is no doubt wonderful. Congratulations Mike!


Anonymous said...

You guys are all so sweet. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use for your pictures?