Download the BMS App

Introducing Nokia's BMS application. 

If you own a Nokia, you can now download the BMS application for FREE. It will be convenient for you guys to be updated as it will inform you every time I upload something new on my blog. Hope you all like it!

To download the application, click HERE
Spread the word! BMS.


TMaraxo said...

Wow this is awesome! Kinda wish I had a Nokia, I would def download it! Ah well, still love my Blackberry.
Great idea though, congrats on joining the app world


nicolethedressupdoll said...

wow,you have your app na!congrats!:) mine's still on queue.good thing Nokia made this possible for bloggers.

Michelle said...

This is sooo cool!!!

Anonymous said...

will definitely download this, because i'm having really hard time checking blogs like yours using my nokia phone :)