I Want Candie's

 Maxene Magalona brightens up everyone's mood.
Look at all the people! 
 In my very colorful attire. I chose the outfit and my theme was "Tribal Neon."
 Flower Power by Camille Co.
 I wish I knew how to skate. All the skaters were so good and coordinated.
 Loved the set!
 Elmo Magalona sang. As usual, the crowd went wild!
 Princess of the night: Maxene Magalona.
 My tribal football gear. Haha.
I swear the show was very Victoria Secret-ish. I loved all the outfits of the models!
Everyone was so energetic and lovely. To everyone who watched, I hope you enjoyed the show. BMS.


LiezyL said...

kulang na lang lumabas si katy perry at kumanta ng california girls!

fashioneggpplant said...

my favorite pair of shoes back in high school were ginormous, black candie's clogs. i loved them to death, do they have any plans of launching their shoe line here? :)

rizzalana said...

loving the colors and the runway was so creative to be set-up in a skating rink ;)

Mars said...

Love those maxi skirts! Will definitely check out Candie's. :) Meron ba nito sa Glorietta, Laureen?

Mars of fashion insouciance

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wishin' to purchase from this brand soon. :D

Neil Mark said...


I OTIVAR said...

wow. cool show! :) love!


Grysh Co said...

The fashion show sounded like it was a blast! It was so colorful and fun :)


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks like a great show. Love the pieces <3 Really reminds me of candies!


L said...

So colourful and pretty!