Happy Birthday Mader Bibs

 Cool photo booth from Mader Bibs' party (and also check out my new blackberry casing)
 Vice Ganda and Agot Isidro effortlessly gorgeous
 Kathryn Bernardo and the hot Maja Salvador. I ended up talking to Maja for such a long time because I really didn't know a lot of people in the party. She's such a sweetheart!
 Sibling love. Me with my sister Liz.
 Binondo Girl boys Matteo Guidicelli and Xiam Lim
 Keren Pascual and Enchong Dee came from the ABS-CBN trade launch 
 Mader Bibs sat down while we all gathered around to sing happy birthday. 
Happy birthday Biboy Arboleda. It was a fun party. We all love you so much!


Nettie said...

Maja is so pretty!

Michelle said...

Everyone is so gorgeous!!!

Mrs. Kolca said...

Nice party.. lots of gorgeous people there. Happy birthday Bibs! :D

annette said...

awesome pics! love all the lights going around


claireydoo said...

omg very pretty casing! where did you buy or get it done?

PHAT aeyvee said...

yah where did u get your BB casing? i love it!!

twelvetwentyone said...

Hi, Laureen. Your BB casing looks so precious! Where did you have it customized?