Never Too Late

 I'm in love with Maybelline's volume mascara. Not only do they make my eyelashes look thick, but my eyelashes really stay up the entire night. It goes together with this gel liner too!
Have you ever been to Lay Bare? I go to the Libis branch once a month and all the girls there are so nice and pleasant. So when they gave me a kit, I was so happy!
 Posh nails gift certificates.  Can't wait to try it!
 Kotex Luxe. I love the word luxe haha. The packaging is so nice! I can't wait to try them.
And of course, Close-up. They gave us a basket full of products like Sunsilk, Vaseline, etc. Too bad I used some of them and I wasn't ablt to get a good photo. But thank you so much!!
This is a photo I got from Kryz Uy's twitter account (that she got from another blog too). Do email me if you took this shot so I can credit your name! Such a cute photo of us three. 

These are some of the sponsors for the Bloggers United event. They gave a lot of stuff for all the bloggers. Better to post than never right? Thank you guys! BMS.



I love maybelline's mascara! truly worth every cent you paid for it...

ps: such a cute photo of you 3! :) perfect trio! <3

Michelle said...

I loooove the White Now! It actually works!

Mrs. Kolca said...

I guess I'll have to buy a new mascara cos the one I have already dried up. Thanks for the honest review of Maybelline's volume mascara cos I am also a fan of their products! :)