My first workshop ever. I love being part of this acting class, I got close with everyone and every workshop was fun because we all got along. Thank you ABS-CBN for letting me meet all these wonderful people.
 Btw, we always have to be in comfy clothes, hence my cropped top and high waist shorts with no accessories.

(L-R: Monica Sacay, Ysabella De Leon, Neil Coleta, Maris Apostol, me, tita Malou De Guzman, Aria Clemente, Coleen Garcia, Krissel Valdez, Tricia Centenera)
 Of course, I learned a lot from the Malou De Guzman. She's such a great teacher! I will truly miss her.
 March 22, 2011: Our first session.. photo by Aria Clemente

(L-R: Maris Apostol,  Yen Santos, Miguel Rigs, Coleen Garcia, me, Rima Ostwani, Aria Clemente, Neil Coleta, Ysabella De Leon, Diego Loyzaga, tita Malou De Guzman, Krissel Valdez, Monica Sacay)
May 21, 2011: and our last. I love you guys! photo by Aria Clemente

And to those who are asking.. Yes, I am part of Kim Chiu's new TV show "Binondo Girl." I am blessed to be part of it and I am very much excited. I love you, ABS-CBN. BMS.


Michelle said...

Congratulations on getting a part in a TV show! That's so cool!

I OTIVAR said...

abscbn workshops are always fun. used to be an intern there.
keep it up!


Mars said...

Are you going to be an actress already, Laureen? You're too cool for that, TBH. :)

sapphirelove said...

im excite dto see you on screen, Laureen! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! are you gonna be the kontrabida?