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 neon pink bodycon- P1,350.00
 black cut out dress and one shoulder dress- P1,450.00 each
 Polka dot dress- P1,350.00
 violet long sleeves dress- P1,450.00
blue/violet/black dress- P1,495.00
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Special thanks to:
Photographer: Paolo Sy
Make up: Paolo Maranan
Hair: Jaime Sy
Shoes: Ally Duazo of Gold Dot


Mrs. Kolca said...

I like the polka-dotted dress. So pretty!

Bertil said...

Where can I buy these nice shoes?

GlamChic89 said...

pretty Katrina :) both of you are!

Julian Tanoto said...

gosh , love all the dresses! they're so prettyyy <3

Journal J

Anonymous said...

I really adore your custom made shoes from Gold Dot. :) Love it!

Lara Faye said...

wow to the shoes!
unkabogable! ^^