Camille, Kryz and I went to Freyja (a nail + spa salon) a few weeks ago to relax and pamper ourselves. 
 We went in and everyone was so accommodating. The nail care area was full so while waiting, we sat in this huge comfy couch and had this amazing foot massage. No minute was wasted. 
 Freyja means goddess of all- and their nail + spa care will really make you feel like a goddess afterwards!
 We spent our entire afternoon inside Freyja. We each got a hand and foot paraffin treat and a mani/pedi. Plus I got a back massage too! I can seriously live inside Freyja. It'll make you forget about all your problems and stress. (photo by Kryz Uy)
 Thank you so much inviting us and being so accommodating. I will definitely go back! 
Check out their list below:
Oh, and they have a promo now- P199.00 full body massage from 1-4pm on weekdays.
Know about them more HERE. BMS.


YUI said...

you guys look gorgeous! <3


Michelle said...

I was just there a few weeks ago! I love the nail art they gave me! :-)

kirstyb said...

sounds lovely x

Mrs. Kolca said...

Nice place! I seriously need a body scrub and massage too.

mafia ruby said...

It looks so relaxing. I wish I could visit PI real soon!