Iza for Preview

 Iza Calzado for Preview Magazine July 2011. When I saw the cover my jaw literally reached the floor. Good job, Preview! And as we all know, it's the month to announce the best dressed list- and I'm so honored to say I'm part of it. Yes, I am part of it (I love saying it! Haha). Actually, until now I'm still in shock. Who would've thought I would be part of the list?

Here's a photo that we shot but didn't come out in the magazine:
 and this one is my favorite:
Thank you to:
Cholo Dela Vega for taking amazing shots once again. I love you!
Juni Sierra for my hair and make up.
Raymond, Vince and Liz for being there the entire shoot.

I am so happy to be part of the best dressed list this 2011, you don't know how much it means to me! 
Grab a copy now and check out the other best dressed people as well (don't forget my pages too, the better photos are there). Don't forget to read everyone's Top 10 style rules. 

I'll see you all at the back to back Topshop/Preview ball this July 7 and 8. BMS.


Smolder Me said...

congrats laureen! well deserved title!:)

Michelle said...

Ohmygoodness!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

You soooo deserve it!!

Nadin said...

Congrats for being titled as one of the Best Dressed! Gonna grab a copy of it as soon as possible.=)

Arizia said...

Wow!! Fierce!! Congrats ms. Laureen. You na talaga haha ^_^

Michelle Lee said...

congrats :)