Chalk BTS

 I really wish I own this much make up.
 Photographers and stylists gathered for this shoot
 Bloggers. Camille, Lissa and Patricia
I love how we're all terno. Actually, the requirement was to wear cream/white, but as usual, Patricia and I still wore a hint of black.
 Thank you gals for doing my make up and hair. 
 Blogger at work 1: Camille Co
 Blogger at work 2: Lissa Kahayon
As usual, shoots are fun when you're friends are around. 
Thank you Chalk Magazine. BMS.


Michelle said...

I looooove patricia's top! :-)

5b5bdb5c-c000-11e0-bfc8-000bcdcb5194 said...

... When 'your' Friends are around. Nice post. :)

annette said...

everyone looks amazing... i see some outfits i want to steal!

annette said...

Love yew giiirl!! Had so much fun with you all :)