Globe Tatt Finalist

Love this photo! I feel like I have powers hahaha.

Anyway, deadline for voting is on August 24 already, so please, if you haven't voted yet, please vote for me now and get a chance to win 11 items from my blog givaway. Click HERE on how to join, but simply it's just really to vote for me. :)

It's just one click away! Thank you so much. BMS.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Good luck to you dear. Hope you win! :)

philosoffee said...

i've already voted for you! :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

I am confident that you'll win! I also love this photo. You look like someone from the HEROES series. :-)

Saw you on ASAP, and I was waiting for you to speak so I can finally hear your voice. Hihi! Too bad they didn't pass the mic to you. :-(

I can't wait to see your acting stunt in MBG tonight. :-)

McDreamer said...

just voted! good luck!