Multiple. Make up. Multiply. 
I was browsing through Multiply last week (did you know they have a new platform now?) when I stumbled upon Digital Traincase, an online shop that sells make up. 
 I've been trying to look for the perfect primer- then I found this. Nyx HD studio primer to keep my face matte and not shiny. It prevents your face from any other make up that can harm your skin. I can't wait to also try this Seche Vite top coat polish.
 EOS lip balms. I got the limited edition flavors- passion fruit and strawberry sorbet. Makes your lips really smooth and it's 95% organic/ 100% natural. You wouldn't want any chemicals on your lips, right? 
And my best purchase from Digital Traincase- a set of make up brushes! Finally, after two years, I bought a new one. I tried it on my face and the brushes are really soft. 

Thank you Multiply for making my shopping life easier. If you check out their Multiply Marketplace, you'd be surprised how shopping online is addictive and easy. I can't wait to shop again. BMS.


McDreamer said...

Love EOS!!!

amoreodiorapporto said...

OMG i think im gonna try the EOS strawberry sorbet and Nyx. excited to buy one :D ♥

Myrted said...

Multiply is really such a fab place to shop! :) Are those professional charm brushes?

Mars said...

I love shopping at Multiply, too! Such a shopping haven for lazy shoppers like me.
Mars of fashion insouciance
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