Be Safe

(Topshop top, vintage skirt, Caleigh Madison bag, Schu sandals) 

For our Camsur trip, I decided to give my outfit posts a twist- I wore old pieces (that I blogged about already) from my closet and styled the pieces in a different way. I already used this maxi dress when we went malling before, but you can also wear it if you're going to Camsur- it's that flexible. Better to even wear it going to the beach.
(SM Accessories flower ring, Jean and Rosz round ring)

I'm sure you've noticed this thing in my ear and you're probably wondering what it is. Let me introduce to you Hisense HB200M, a mono headset device so if you're talking to someone on the phone, you'll be hands free. It's so convenient when you're driving, when you're eating, when you're finished shopping and when you're hands are so full (I just really had to make it an example too, haha).
 The Hisense HB200M is composed of a flexible ear hook so the device won't fall off, a magnetic clip and a strap so it won't be lost and it will be easy to grab when you need it, and ear bud option. 
It might seem hard to use it or assemble it, but it took me less than 3 minutes to do everything. All you have to do is pair the device with your phone and you're good to go. 
 It looks like this when the magnetic clip holds the device. Not bad, right?
I highly recommend this to people who drive- it will make your life easier and safer if you drive while talking to someone. Best part is it's only P1,450.00.
(available in Anson's, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Games and Gadgets, Power Mac Center, Power Telecom, Power Hub, Techno Mobile Hub, The A. Shop and Urban Athletics)
(Holic tassel necklace)
On another note, I love my new Caleigh Madison bag. It's so light- perfect for travelling. The space inside is big as well, you can bring everything you want to bring. BMS.


i otivar said...

ooohh! love ze skirt and bag!!


27chic said...

i so like your necklace
more power on My Binondo Girl!

thestyleflux said...

I really love what you're wearing, that skirt is lovely! :) and great device feature!

xx Kaye

the skinny kid said...

Where were these photos shot? I must know :)

QUEENIE G. said...

Very stylish outfit. Simple and classic - it'll always be in style:) perfect outfit for a relaxing day and also very fresh!!!