Oreo Truffles

 Last week, I received a half dozen of these yummy low fat Oreo chocolate truffles by SweeTetite. When you look at it, it might look simple, but once you take a bite, I'm sure you wont stop eating one after the other. 
Why I like it:
1. It's low fat oreos so the less the calories the better.
2. It's affordable- half dozen: P185.00, one dozen: P350.00
3. I'm in love with chocolate and oreos. Combined, they're the bomb.
Their other truffle products are: no sugar chocolate truffles, belgian truffles, baileys truffles, almond chocolate truffles, mocha truffles and many many more. 

Visit SweeTetite to order or email them at Thank you Marione for these. BMS.


Amanda Paredes said...

this makes me drool. haha! :D

thestyleflux said...

What a great dessert!

xx Kaye