Terranova Launch

 The launch of Terranova's fall/winter collection was held at Terranova in Mall of Asia. So many people went to shop and the set up was amazing.
 Say hello to Terranova's brand ambassadors: Chino Lui Pio, me and Someday Dream's Rez Toledo
 Brothers Champ and Chino at the event
 with the Someday Dream boy Rez- he's releasing a new single.. Watch out fot it!
 Love the James Dean shirt.
 They have it in two versions
 Thank you for taking all the lovely photos, Raymond Gutierrez.
 Cute necklace from Mamasushi. Very very adorable and they have it in other colors too!
 Chino hosted the event and Rez performed. Hmm.... "I can just blog about it," I said jokingly. hahaha.
 Love this shirt too!!! 
 Dance performance
Drop by the nearest Terranova branch and check out their newer and better clothing. The clothes are very laid back and fashionable. BMS.
(Photos by Raymond Gutierrez)


Belle said...

gorgeous necklace! Love it!

carizzachua said...

oh, it was launched already. must check it soon!

Russel said...

love the peacock ring! i'd like to know where did you get that? You're gorgeous from head to toe!

AyLin said...

you're way more pretty in person. Love your style!

BTW, where did you get your lovely pink wedges?

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