New Lens

Say hello to better pictures!!! I needed a new camera and wanted an slr for better outfit posts so I decided to ask around on what camera I should buy. So many people told me to just purchase a basic Nikon D3100 since I'm just going to use it for my blog. I wanted to buy it right away, and since online shopping for me is the easiest, I asked my Twitter followers where I can purchase nice gadgets and majority told me to visit
To my surprise, they sell all sorts of gadgets at a super low price- as in super low price. They have everything: from mobile phones to cameras to laptops- and they have all the brands too! 
I love shopping at Multiply, their new platform where you just click the "buy now", pay and get it ASAP is the bomb. BMS.


ilovekrz said...

yey happy for you and yey we have the same wont regret it laureen:) i love excessorising bcoz of you and I super enjoy your blog :)

missbebedoll said...

yay! congrats on the new lenses Laureen! :D I love the accessories by he way.. I can't wait to see your captures from this lens already. :D

Dylana Suarez said...

Your blog is wonderful!


fati said...

for more aboute beauty see:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms.laureen. What kind of lens are you using?