Hair How-To

 How to achieve the perfect undone hair bun in less than two minutes. First, you will be needing the Goody spin pins. I swear, they're the best hair tool ever! 
 Step one: Gather all your hair.
 Step two: Put in in a bun.
 Step three: Get the Goody spin pins and twirl it inside the bun so your hair will be in shape.
Step four: Spray it with a little hair spray and voila! You now have the perfect messy bun.

If you want to understand it more, please visit this LINK
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Joanna Paulsen said...

Thanks for the tip!

sheena said...

like:) bahala na look:)

Janine M. said...

I saw you last night! You're so pretty! :D

thestyleflux said...

Really love those spin pins!


chrishing said...

i do this everyday amethyst but you look a hundred times beautiful than me.

tinkerputt said...
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tinkerputt said...

thanks for the tips.
i just bought a spin pin but don't really know how to use it. will try it later.