These Might Help You

 Goody products
I am in love with Goody hair products. I use their ouchless hair ties almost everyday. You might not know this, but before I was introduced to Goody, I only had one brush- one lousy brush that didn't achieve the hair style I wanted. When I used Goody, I became obsessed and got a lot! Not only do they give you hair style and volume, but the design of the brushes are very stylish too!
 Jimmy Choo perfumes
"The Jimmy Choo fragrance evokes a sense of feminine confidence, seduction and sensuality." - Tamara Mellon, Founder
The scents make me picture a fancy restaurant filled with people in tuxedos and cocktail dresses. The mood is very romantic and classy- that's how I can describe them. You'll definitely fall in love with the scents!
These are probably the cutest cases I have! I use it as cases for my small camera, myfi and phone charger. They're so soft and the size is just right! The best thing about it? They're very affordable!!
Fayeness Shop nerdy glasses
I've always wanted to wear clear glasses not to make myself look smarter, but just to accessorize my face as well aside from sunnies. Now I have them in purple, black and brown. This will look so well with a plain white v-neck, jeans and a blazer- very sleek and chic.
Extreme Deals camera tools
And the best I can share for this post-- camera gadgets! I've been addicted to camera gadgets after I got my Nikon DSLR- feeling photographer haha. I now have:
    • Lens pens              •  Cap stick
  • Camera straps            •  Wipes set
• Pop-up flash diffuser      •  Lens hood
 • 52mm UV lens filter       • Camera bag
These are the basic things you need to have so your camera will be in good condition. If you want good photos, you need good products for it- and Extreme Deals certainly have the best prices for all the items that you will be needing! I'm actually thinking of investing in a 50mm lens. Any shop you can recommend? BMS.


lynllamoso said...

Hi Ms. Laureen, I love reading your blogs! :) Love that pouch on your picture, how much is that?

Jamie Kate said...

cute camera straps you have there!

Jenine Semilla said...

Hidalgo in G5/Quiapo or kimstore! :)

MC said...

I love the pouches.

Angel said...

nikon 50mm f/1.8 would be great for your camera! :)

Anonymous said...

A 40mm macro lens would be better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Laureen!

Hidalgo in Quiapo is like camera heaven. But if you don't have time to go there pa, I suggest Pixel Pro in Megamall/Greenhills. If you're lucky, they might just give out freebies for every purchase. :)) Happy shopping!

roviedear said...

nice items! if youre okay in going to quiapo, meyer in hidalgo. cheapest in the area


lynllamoso said...

Hey guys! Do shops in Hidalgo accepts credit cards?? Are there really a lot of cameras to choose there?

Shanne Lauron said...

In Hidalgo! They got loads of stuffs for cameras there!