Last Christmas Giveaway (CLOSED)

December 28. 
Few more days and it's 2012 already. Ang bilis ng panahon. With this, I would like to thank all my readers. You made this year incredibly special- You guys are the best. And because I want 2011 to be special for you guys too, my last giveaway is super bonggaI will be having FOUR WINNERS and here are the prizes:
Gift certificates worth P2,500.00 from The Little Things She Needs (TLTSN)
 Edgy wedges from Feet for a Queen (size 7)
WWW from SM Accessories worth P1,000.00 (trust me, they look more than P1,000.00 each)
Island Girl necklaces worth P1,500.00++ (I really love their necklaces, eco-friendly pa!)

Joining is so easy- All you have to do is:
2. Follow me via Google Friendly Connect (GFC)
3. Tweet this, " So many items up for grabs! Join #laureenuy 's latest contest. It's the best year ender blog giveaway! #BMSgiveaway " (no need to tag me, just don't forget the hashtag)
4. Hype my latest look on HERE (and help me by hyping my other looks too :D)
5. Like this post and comment with your Facebook/ Twitter name below.

**Contest from December 28-January 4, 2012 only. The four winners will be chosen via and will be announced through Twitter and my Facebook fan page.

Best of luck guys. BMS.


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Anonymous said...

Twitter: @bellechn

dashamones said...

Facebook Username: Dasha Mones
Twitter Username: @DashaMones

Nix said...

Facebook: Nix Rueda
Twitter: @nixrueda

niiicooooleee said...

Facebook Name: Alexandra Nicole C. Cabael
Twitter Name: @niiicooooleee

whatmarhizloves said...

Facebook: Marhiz Medalla
Twitter name: marhizamae


Trix Reganit said...

Facebook Name: Trix Reganit
Twitter Name: Beatrix Reganit @trixreganit
Thanks! :)

cel torres said...


Quima said...

Quimz Renegado
Twitter: quimrenegado

Unknown said...

Hazel Lynn K. Ebora

Gemnikka A. said...

Facebook name: Gemnikka Alcantara
Twitter name: icraveforbliss

ELLE said...

gfc: ELLE
Facebook: Elle Shoppe
twitter: poptartsELLE

Hi Laureen! meery Christmas and a Happy new year! xx

pey said...

Facebook - Pey Añana
Twitter - redverticalline

Aimee Lyne said...


Caryl said...

FB: Caryl Chu
Twitter: Caryl_chu

Anonymous said...

Fb name: Jhezzy Arevalo
Twitter: @jhezarevalo

Rica Garcia said...

Hi! This is my twitter name: ricaggg

Laurence Apo said...

Hi ate Laureen! am really a fan of yours, hope you'll pick me! haayyy, best gift, if ever! more power, Godbless and stay gorgeous. :) mwaah :*

charina santiago said...

Charina Chan Santiago- Facebook
Charinasantiago- twitter

Paola Quidlat said...

Twitter: @paolaquidlat
Facebook: Paola Quidlat

Ahlex Luna said...

Ahlex Luna-facebook

charina santiago said...

Charina chan santiago-Facebook
Charinasantiago- twitter

Trixy Jane said...

Facebook/ Twitter name: Trixy Rañon

Rica Garcia said...

Hi! This is my twitter name: @ricaggg

roviedear said...

Joining! :)
Rovie M. Divinagracia

ugotmetwisted said...

me wantttt!! ^__^ Merry Christmas Laureen!

Facebook: Mj Lim / Twitter: lim_mj

Regina Mateo said...

facebook: Regina Mateo
twitter: @rgmateo

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Facebook name: Hershey Cristabel Neri
twitter username: heyitshersheyy

Thank you for this giveaway, miss Laureen!:)

Anonymous said...

Facebook: Audrianne Eunice Hui
Twitter: AudriEunice

Thanks! :)

Queency said...

i did everything! =)
fb: (Queency Santos)

twitter: @iamkwinxie


joanamarie said...

Done with the steps,

FB Name: Joana Marie Heramis
Twitter: loveonhisarms

Carmina Carillo said...

Carmina Carillo

Ahlex Luna said...

Done with steps!
FB Name: Ahlex Luna

notyourordinaryteacher said...

facebook:vintagekawaii onlineshop
GFC: notyourordinaryteacher

Camille Quiambao

Anonymous said...!/Dat4LetterWord

Xin Fortaliza Alvarez

Karen said...

Facebook: Karen Joyce Aviñante
Twitter: @karenavinante

Unknown said...

Twitter: Marie Jane Jaime
facebook: Marie Jane Rosell

Kristine Gan said...

Twitter: kristineeegan

fsantos said...

Finished all the steps! :)

FB Name: Fabiola Santos Lamela
Twitter: fabiolalamela


Anonymous said...

Facebook: Maureen Anthea Lacuesta
Twitter: @maureenlacuesta

@iAmRhOdALiZa said...

done with the steps. i hope i win. if i am a celebrity, i would hire Laureen as my stylist. so chic & fab.
Facebook: Rhodaliza Segun Vicente
Twitter: @iAmRhOdALiZa

Essa Polanco said...

Essa Armille Polanco!/e_x_x_x_a

Thanks Miss L. Hope i win. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :))

Trisha barcenas said...

I will win this. Cheers to 2012!

Renée said...

Facebook: Renée Louise Espenilla
Twitter: @rpespenilla

Ynang Angeles said...

i did it..yey!!:) just have to cross my fingers!!:) great blog ms.laureen..
FB name: Ynang Angeles
Twitter: kireina777

Anonymous said...

FB: Jessica dela Paz
Twitter: jezintrahs

Rhege said...

Twitter: rhegerelosa

eypolapol said...

twitter: o_apol
facebook: o.apol

Anonymous said...

Facebook -
Twitter - @shanehhh

Jennica Ritual said...

I followed all the steps! :)

FB Name: Jennica Cristina Ritual
Twitter Username: @jennicalooove

Kirstine Louise Isaac said...

Facebook: Kirstine Louise
Twitter: @kiirrsss

Happy Holidays Ms. Laureen :)

Jill said...

Facebook: Mai Nipin
Twitter: @Mai2607

Jenni Kusuanco said...

Facebook: Jenni Kusuanco
Twitter: @JenniKusuanco

Avee said...

Twitter: @hahachooo

Anonymous said...

FACEBOOK: Keesxia Faye Asutilla Genilo
TWITTER: @kisSxiafaye

pangantihon_kristine said...

FB name: Kristine M. Pangantihon
twitter: @kristinapangan

biang said...

Facebook Name: Ivy Jane Sumabong
Twitter Name: _biang_


Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto said...

Merry Christmas Ms. Laureen!!!

FBname:Mary Ann Sanchez Cueto (Meanne II)
Twitter: @meanne_artworks

amoreodiorapporto said...

*fingers crossed* :)

Facebook: Krizia Rueka Eden Ballentes
Twitter: kriziarueka

Joanne said...

Facebook: Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes
Twitter: @JoanneOlaes

xupermarian said...

Facebook: Marian Occiano
Twitter: @xupermarian

Jenny♥ said...

Facebook: Jenny Uriarte
Twitter: @thegratefulgirl

chick-a-dora said...

facebook: Aenj Garces
twitter: prettyaenj

Glace Reyes said...

facebook name: Glace Reyes
Twitter Name: iloveglacereyes

NETTIE said...

Facebook: Nettie Solon
Twitter: @_Mysterieux

Janine M. said...

FB: Janine Monasterial
Twitter: janinegenious

pat ricafrente said...

FB: Patricia Dianne Ricafrente
Twitter: @duchesspatricia

Ms. Avi Helena said...

Facebook: Avi Helena Perez Babao
Twitter: @AviHelena

Anonymous said...

Facebook: Stefanie Cabral
Twitter: @stef_cabral

ilasaki said...

FB :
ila saki


Jhazz C said...

FB: Jhazz Claro
TW: @bejeweledjhazz

pat ricafrente said...

FB: Patricia Dianne Ricafrente
Twitter: @duchesspatricia

Jenine S. said...

FB: Jenine Semilla
Twitter: omgitsjhen

Larmi said...

Facebook: Larms Lim Quirimit
Twitter: iwanabasupermod

Gia Lee said...

FB name; Giacca Tugob
Twitter ID: giaccalee

Mayee said...

Facebook: Mayee Manalo (heymayee)

Happy New Year, Laureen! Thank you for having such an awesome blog! ;)

Meika said...

Twitter name: Monica C. Diomampo

Anonymous said...

facebook: Kim Wacks
twitter: @kayejoaquin

Mikka Azores said...

FB: or Mikka Azores
Twitter: @mikkaazores

Anonymous said...

Facebook name: Ge Dy
Twitter name: gegebinks

Thanks for this awesome giveaway, Laureen! :)

Bethanie said...

Facebook: bethanie yap
twitter: mabie03

G Resari said...

Facebook: Gene Tulawie
Twitter: @generesari

Anonymous said...

facebook name: bethanie yap
twitter name: mabie03

prexyl gamallo said...

twitter: @prexielott
facebook: Prexyl Josery Gamallo
God bless

April Yumang said...

Facebook: April Yumang
Twitter: yumangous

Happy Holidays! :)

Nette said...

great freebies!

Twitter: @mishnonette
Facebook: Nonette Daquiz

Voxzen said...

Facebook: Moses Gabriel A. Fetalvero
Twitter: mosesgabriel

Jerlyn Joy Lasagas said...

Twitter name: @jerljoy

Marie Castro said...

Facebook: Marie Castro (Danicia)
Twitter: mariebiskwet

KC said...

Facebok: Krichelle Chua
Twitter: kqchua

Anonymous said...
Twitter: aryaaan

Neilma Francia said...

Facebook name: Neilma Castilo Francia
Twitter name: neilmafrancia

CarmisCaprice said...

FB: Carmi Compasivo
Twitter: CarmisCaprice

Aicy said...

Facebook: Aicy Quiambao
Twitter: Alaysipae

thefavored01 said...

Facebook: Kemuel Czarina
Twitter: @thefavored01

Glace Reyes said...

facebook name: Glace Reyes
twitter name: iloveglacereyes

Aizel Gonez said...

Facebook: Aizely Kristel

Twitter: @Aizelyy!/Aizelyy

meg said...

Twitter: meglovestotweet (!/meglovestotweet)

Facebook: Meg Ryan (

amiiruramos said...

Facebook name:Amiiruramos

Happy new year Ms.laureen!:)

Aicy said...

Facebook: Aicy Quiambao
twitter: @alaysipae

Jamie Sebastian said...

Jamie Sebastian
Facebook: Jamie Emmanuelle Sebastian
Twitter: jamiesebastian

Miles De Vera said...

twitter: @sasysubstitute

kristina noelle said...

fb: Kristina Noelle Andaya
twitter: @kittiful

Anonymous said...

FB and Twitter: wasabi kulapo

Lea Arevalo said...

Facebook: Lea Anne Arevalo (Meryl Arevalo)

Twitter: leaarevalo

Happy New Year, Ate Laureen! Thank you for this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

FB name: Jelly Perez
Twitter ID: JellyPerez

P.A.L said...

Twitter Name: ahvone
FB Name: Avone Lumanao

marifela said...

Facebook: Maria Fe Estrella
Twitter: marifela

Jellie Dawn said...

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Laureen! :D



Kara said...

FB: Kara Macadangdang
Twitter: @kararrific

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Happy New Year, Laureen! :)

Melai de guzman said...

Facebook name: Melai de Guzman
Twitter: melaideguman

Hope I will be pick! :)) I am really a fan of yours Laureen! I love the way you dress. Keep it up to inspire :)

Brenda Marie Santos said...


shiori_11 said...

hi Ms.Laureen Uy, thanks for all being kind to your FANS! and thanks for giving us prizes,i really enjoy reading your blogs ^_^ happy new year
FB Name: Dada Tolentino
Twitter ID: shiori_11

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @itsrheyaa
Facebook: Andrea Blanco (Rheyasauur)

Junalyn Cabading said...

facebook: Jonalyn Lee
twitter: junalyn2991

P.A.L said...

Did the additional step Miss Laureen :>
Happy New Year ♥

poleen fermin said...

My Facebook :

My Twitter :!/MsPoleenFermin

I love you Laureen Uy !

Kara said...

FB name: Kara Macadangdang
Twitter name: @kararrific

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)
Happy New Year, Ms. Laureen! :)

Genevieve said...

FB: Genevieve Protacio

Anonymous said...

Twitter: MitchMeetsWorld
FB: Michelle'le Tesalona

Felisa ♥ said...

Facebook: Felisa May Tan
Twitter: @felisamay

Whena Vasquez said...


Whena Vasquez said...



Ath Tan said...

FB: Athalie Tan
Twitter: @athalietan

Jade Amen said...

fb: Jade Amen
twitter: superjadee_

Monique L. Florendo said...

Twitter name: munikflorendo
FB name: Monique Lising Florendo

KSineres said...


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to receive any of those things! Its gonna be one of my #Bestof2011!/hazelyrra

LadyAga said...

FB: Agatha Leigh Bongosia
Twitter: @LadyAgaaa

Angel Castillo said...

Facebook: Angel Castillo
Twitter: @angeelcastillo

Chindy Petarco said...

Belated Merry Christmas to you Laureen! :))



magie said...

fb: Magie Malicdem
twitter: itsmarguerite

iambjean said...

Facebook: Bernadette Jean Silang
Twitter: iambjean

Anonymous said...

I want to WIN this contest and give the prize/s to my sister as a surprise gift this New Year! :)!/allenvalladares

Nica said...

Facebook: Nica Diaz
Twitter: @nicadiaz

azmarrahbiruar said...

Twitter: @azmarrahb
Facebook: Azmarrah Biruar

Gweny said...

Twitter: @ijssel08
FB: Gwen Gonzales del Carmen

Thanks! merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Laureen!

Joy Gundran said...

Twitter: @JoyGunnn

Shara said...

happy holidays amethyst :)
twitter: syiobe
facebook: Shara Glorioso

alarillasisters said...

twitter name: Frances Alarilla @frankieeh

FB: frances beatrice alarilla

Aiya Balingit said...

Facebook name: Aiya Nryn Balingit
Twitter Username: @aiyabalingit

Anonymous said...

Facebook username: Star Agquiz

Lucky Gem said...

Facebook name: Lux Velasco

Twitter name: iamgemvelasco

lassy_onszheh_11 said...

Fb: Lourdes Erika C Cruz

Twitter: @erianko

Merry Christmas!

Hannah Magtibay said...

Facebook: Hannah Magtibay (
Twitter: Han032895

Charm plamenco said...

merry christmas and happy new year! =)

facebook: Charm Plamenco

twitter: paCHARMing!/paCHARMing

Tamara Niña Pleños said...

FB name: Tamara Niña Orcullo Pleños
Twitter name: Tamara Niña Pleños @aninaplenos

Bianca Sing said...

Bianca Lorraine Sing

Done everything :D

erilanerose said...

Hi I'm Erilane Rose Arabe.. :))

fb account :

twitter account :

hope to win.. i <3 sm accessories

moonlightninja29 said...

twitter: kimberlymae93

Aizel Gonez said...

Facebook: Aizely Kristel
Twitter: @Aizelyy

Style Grenade said...

FB: Diana Jean de Bele
Twitter: @dianadebelen

Aizel Gonez said...

Facebook: Aizely Kristel

Twitter: @Aizelyy

Merry Christmas, Laureen! :)

DanicaGale said...

FB: Danica Gale Lumboy
Twitter: @GaleFigueroa

jamie vivero said...

Facebook - Jamie Vivero
Twitter - jamievivero!/jamievivero

ellamaegener said...

FB name: Ella Mae A. Gener
Twitter name: elladesperada

Happy Holidays! ;)

dreamweaver said...

FB: Harriette Guigayoma
Twitter: @harrietteanne

thea_denesse24 said...

Thea Denesse Fernandez
Facebook: Thea Denesse Fernandez
Twitter: iamtheadenesse

Allyssa Clutario said...

FB: Allyssa Clutario

Twitter: allyssaclute

Shanen dela Cruz said...

Shanen dela Cruz


I'm Apple said...

fb name: Apple Anonuevo
twitter name: @apple_adventure

Done everything

charmaigne grace said...

done all the steps

charmaigne grace gepana



Jessa Yap Calansingin said...

Facebook: Jessa Yap Calansingin
Twitter: jEssA_yAp

-iRa said...

Facebook: IraVan Gemilga
Twitter: @lakersandira

jam said...


facebook: jameela malicdem

littlemisspoleng said...

Facebook Name: Marie PauLyn DeLa Cruz
Twitter Name: @MariePaulyn

jam said...


facebook: jameela malicdem

Szethe Cania said...


Hope to win!!! :)))
Happy New Year Everyone!

Aizel Gonez said...

FACEBOOK: Aizely Kristel

TWITTER: @Aizelyy!/Aizelyy

Carleen Ligon said...

Carleen Ligon
facebook account:
twiter account:

Kamelle Reigh said...

facebook name: Kam Rei Melle
twitter name: thisiskamrei

Vina Yabut said...

Twitter: @vinayabut
Facebook: Vina Yabut

jenponix said...

FB name: Jonie Gen Ponpon
Twitter name: jenponix

Karla May said...

Facebook: Karla May Laconsay
Twitter: @itskarlamay

niiicooooleee said...

Facebook Name: Alexandra Nicole C. Cabael
Twitter Name: @niiicooooleee

DanicaGale said...

Facebook: Danica Gale Lumboy
Twitter: @GaleFigueroa

Nadine said...

Facebook Name: Nadine Mendoza
Twitter username: NadineMendowza

Laurence Apo said...

Done! knina pa.
FB name: Mary Laurence Lopez Apo
twitter name: CianaELL

GodBless ate Laureen. :)

Char said...

FB: Charmaine Manlangit
Twitter: @secretcharmm

Roxanne said...

FB Username: Roxanne Limpante
Twitter name: @speakingofroxan

Camille Rentoy said...

facebook: camille rentoy
twitter: @cami_chii

Djenna said...

FB : Djenna Castaneda
Twitter: DjCooleen

Patricia Gatus said...


Facebook: PatGatus

Anonymous said...

twitter name: @peytchu

merry christmas laureen <3

ana monica ayungao said...

fb :
twitter : @monicaayungao

Janine Ella Anongos said...

Facebook: Janine Ella Anongos (

Twitter: @janinellanongos

Mine Limcaoco said...

Twitter: @minelimcaoco

Anonymous said...

twitter: jaiavp
facebook: Justin Elizabeth Pascua

Kim Escarcha said...


Mae Cristobal said...

Mae Cristobal

Anonymous said...

FB: Djenna Castaneda
Twitter: @DjCooleen

Kim Escarcha said...

TWITTER: @kiiiimmmmiiii

Anonymous said...

ilove BreakMyStyle!!
ihope i will win..

Joi Palisoc said...

FB: Joy Palisoc

Twitter: ♛ joi palisoc ♛!/huggles4sweetie

Mary De los Santos said...

Facebook: Mary De los Santos
Twitter: @supmariadel

Anonymous said...

love Break My Style!!
sana manalo ako!!

fb accnt:
twitter accnt: itsmyHeYlen

Maebel said...

Facebook: Maebel Chan
Twitter: @dancewithmaebz
tweet (in case you cant see it):!/dancewithmaebz/status/151996409112039424

Frances Ong said...

Facebook: Frances Ong
Twitter: fffrancess

Bettina Kim Ballano said...

Facebook: Rica Blanca Ballano
Twitter: @ricaabeiber

Charm said...

Facebook: Charm Sy
Twitter: azuredestiny29

Bianca Marie said...

Bianca Marie Pascual!/beeyankeemee


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