Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards (NAPBAS) was held in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. We stayed at Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya. Right when we arrived, we only had two hours to get ready for the big event. Whew! Good thing I wasn't late. 
 Here I am with the finalists. (L-R): Camille Co under best fashion blog, yours truly, Jenni Epperson under best lifestyle blog and Erwan Heussaff under best food blog. 
 The night was filled with entertaining numbers. If only I knew what they were singing.. Haha! When the awardings started, I was shouting all the way, rooting for our country. And, did you know that our country won FOUR awards? Yes! Four awards, making us the country with the most awards gotten. Cheers to:
Jenni Epperson of for the best lifestyle blog 
 Jayvee of for the best geek blog
Nina of for the best travel blog
Pong and Tippy of for the hidden gem

Of course, congratulations to: for the best food blog, for the best fashion blog, for the best original blog design, for the best parenting blog, for the best entertainment blog, for the best micro blog, for the most influential blog.

I had so much fun attending the event. When I started blogging, it never crossed my mind that I'd be flying to another country to blog about something. It was truly an amazing experience. I love my Nuffnang family. To be in a room filled with bloggers from all over the Asia Pacific region is jaw dropping- words can't even explain. BMS.


roviedear said...

yay so many pinoys won the award :)
The Bargain Doll

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't wait for you to blog again the Top 10 gifts you received this Christmas!! :)

eggtartbox said...

Wow, congrats on being invited to this event! It sounds like it was an absolutely amazing time. Hope that you have just as good of a Christmas!

jayvee f. said...

Galeng guys! What a fun trip.

MC said...

It looks so much fun! I regret not joining there! :(

Gian said...

Laureen! Nina won for best travel blog! :D

Gian said...

Laureeen! Nina won for best travel blog! (typo!) :D :)