Last Tuesday, I went to a secret restaurant place in The Fort area. It's a Filipino restaurant and they serve really good food. I know I don't normally blog about food, but this one's worth sharing.
Their torta is the so good! This one really caught the home-cooked feeling.
 Their juicy liempo will definitely have you craving for more. Best with toyo, calamansi and lots and lots of sili!
 Their best seller: chicken inasal (your choice if you want it original or spicy). The taste of the chicken is so authentic. It's actually an original recipe that the owner made. I heard that some people go there everyday to eat the chicken inasal. 
 And of course, it's not complete without their signature sauces. Chicken oil for the rice and vinegar that they get from a secret place and they ship it all the way here. My sauce is usually composed of three pieces of calamansi, then equal amount of toyo and suka.
 And my best bet- their sisig!!! When I tried it, I couldn't stop eating it. They also have a different twist about this dish that surprised me.. You mix it with mayonnaise. Yes. Mayo. It actually surprised me too, but the taste is amazing. I recommend everyone to try it. Also, another must-try dish is their chicharon monggo soup. Yum yum.
Now you'd probably think this restaurant is expensive, but you'll be surprised that the price range of this resto is just around P85.00-P150.00. So affordable!!!! You'll definitely get more than what you pay for. 
Introducing Big Bird's restaurant. It's located in Unit GF-B The Blue Sapphire Building, 30th st. corner 2nd ave, The Fort. It's right across Bubble Tea, easy to find. If you love Filipino food, try eating here. BMS.


selma said...

This is look so delicious! Makes me hungry looking all these photos!

Etaduran said...

Looks yummy!!!


Anonymous said...

hi lau! reply naman to our comments. so yabang na agad.

Tiffany said...

Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water. Definitely listing that down as one of the restaurant's that I am going to go visit and eat when I go on holiday to the Philippines soon!

Anonymous said...

Yum! All of the food looks so delicious especially the torta! Hope you have a good weekend xx

madhatter said...

wow that looks delicious


i am certified said...

this post made me hungry! yumm!!

Rajsh Sabio said...

Hi laureen, my workplace is just near that area... :) haven't tried eating there though... thanks for sharing! try ko nga dito minsan.. hehe! :)

Anonymous said...

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