Bun Spiral In A Snap

 Hair tutorial: How to have a spiral bun in less than three minutes:
 Step 1: Tie your hair
 Step 2: Put it in a bun
 Step 3: Get your Goody Bun Spiral and insert all your hair inside
 Step 4: Keep twisting the Goody Bun Spiral until it's nice and tight
Step 5: Loosen your bangs a bit and voila! 

Lovely. All in less than three minutes. I love Goody Bun Spiral and well as their Spin Pins. Available in all leading department stores BMS.


Daphny Ann Cormero said...

like it!!!!

Vhing said...

OH! Spiral Buns? cool! I'll buy one asap. I like making my hair into a bun coz it's really comfortable :D

roviedear said...

you look so pretty laureen!
Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Claudine Claire Chua said...

nice! :)

ellie estrada said...

Hi there. I must be like the last person in the country to have found your blog. So far, am loving it, and am inspired. FOLLOWED. Keep it up!

Rajsh Sabio said...

nice! you know i learned to love goody because of you... i mean, you promote them so i checked them out. hehe.

anyway, did Robbie Becroft take these as well? he's good huh! kudos to him! :)

bohol said...

What a lovely way of fashioning your hair. Truly beautiful.

scfinder said...

Great advise thank you

mayge said...

i love it :)