Prom Tip 1

Last month, I shot with for their February prom article. Since we didn't have prom when I was in high school, I was able to share all my dreams and thoughts about attending one and what you should wear when going to prom. Every Monday, they'll be releasing new photos of me wearing gowns in different themes- and of course, style tips are also there.
For this week, the theme is Vintage. If you want to check out my entire outfit and read my tips, click HERE. BMS.


fashionhypnotised said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Would you like to follow each other dear?
fashionhypnotised girl

Adly Velasco said...

I love how they're doing this Prom article with you in it. :) I'll be watching out for your photos to gather some tips for our upcoming graduation ball. I'm unsure of what to wear because like you, I didn't have prom in high school.

roviedear said...

you look really sweet!:)

Anonymous said...

Love your lippy, what is that shade?

Arra Abella said...

Lovely as always, Laureen!


@cha said...

whoa, I love your look there, so different with what we are seeing everyday here in Break My Style. I would really love to snag your hairstyle there. If you don't mind, would you post a tutorial??? You really look great there!

Donna said...

Your ring is so cute!:)