Glam Fashion x BMS Giveaway (CLOSED)

These colorful dresses will surely look perfect for summer! Whether you're going to the beach or just staying in the city, Glam Fashion has everything for you! Glam Fashion is an online store selling korean inspired clothing, accessories and shoes. And because they love my readers too, I'm holding another blog giveaway!! Three winners will get a chance to choose any item (worth P750.00 each) they want from Glam Fashion. Click HERE and HERE to check out the P750 albums. To join, all you have to do is:
        1. Like this post
        2. Like Glam Fashion on Facebook and follow them on Twitter
        3. Tweet this, " Three people can win clothes that are perfect for summer. Just join Laureen Uy's 
           contest! @myglamfashion "
        4. Comment below with your twitter/FB name with the link of the item you want to win.

Contest period form March 31-April 7 only. Winners will be chosen via and I will be announcing the winners through my Facebook fanpage and Twitter account. Best of luck to everyone! BMS.


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Rem Nadal said...

@dudeitsrem // Fb: Rem Nadal

Joicellene said...

twitter: @Joicyliciousz
FB name: Joicellene Bruma

Anonymous said...

Facebook: Hanna Dominique Munar
Twitter: nikkimunar13

Macy said...

@ecambonita :)

xoxo,Kairra said...

Twitter name-@iheartkairra FB name-Kairra Louise Valenzuela

ayenahmariel said...

fb; Mariel Venus Mangubat
twitter: @ayenahmariel
item i want:

trian macasaet said...

twitter: @trianmacasaet
FB: trian macasaet

trian macasaet said...

twitter: @trianmacasaet
FB: trian macasaet


Macy said...



xoxo,Kairra said... -- @iheartkairra FB: Kairra Louise Valenzuela

ahrylle said...

twitter: @ahrylle
fb: Aryl Mae Agnes Odra

iane velasco said...

Twitter: xoxoiane
FB: iane velasco


Margaret Gomez said...

twitter: @mcdgomez25
FB: Margaret Christine Doronio Gomez


Anonymous said...

FB: chelsea catingub
Twitter: @sweetiecouture

Anonymous said...

Jozette Oliva said...

Twitter: olivajozette
FB: Jozette Oliva

casey arroyo said...

twitter : @caseyarroyo!/caseyarroyo
facebook : casey arroyo

i LOOOVE this dress :)
its just perfect ♥

Jozette Oliva said...

Twitter: olivajozette

Jozette Oliva said...

Twitter: olivajozette
Fb: Jozette Oliva

meredithfuerte said... thank you. xoxo=)))

meredithfuerte said... =))) XOXO

witch ♥ said...

Twitter: @witchy_Vee
FB: Vee Panaligan

♥♥ :D

Kixes Ann said...

Twitter Name: @kixesann
Item I want to win:

meredithfuerte said...

FACEBOOK : Meredith Fuerte
TWITTER : @meredithfuerte

witch ♥ said...

Twitter: @witchy_Vee
Fb: Vee Panaligan


patz :) said...

Twitter: @kikaypatchicha

Trixia Cruz said...

twitter @trixxuhh
fb name: Trixia Cruz

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to win this!!!

My facebook: Migle Simonelyte

Anna Marie said...

Twitter: @Annannanana

Hana said...

Twitter: itshannahZ
FB: Hannah Zarsuelo

Anna said...

Twitter: @Annannanana

PAUisontheLINE said...

Twitter: PAUisontheLINE
Facebook: Pauline Calina

Lharie ♥ said...

Twitter: Lharie
Facebook: Laribel Go Amaranto
Link of the item:

PAUisontheLINE said...

Twitter: PAUisontheLINE
Facebook: Pauline Calina

Narayan Balingit said...

Twitter Name: @aiyabalingit
Tweet URL:!/aiyabalingit/status/186010281200197633

Facebook name: Aiya Nryn Balingit
Facebook Post: - This is the link I want to win from Glam Fashion :D

Goodluck everyone!! :) yey!

iheartkarmela said...

Twitter: @iheartkarmela (Karmela Bautista)
Fb: Karmela Marie M. Bautista

iamveeh said...

Twitter: @iamveeh
FB name: Vanessa Marie
Item I want to win:

nice giveaway! :)

Dianne said...

twitter: diannekarol
FB: Dianne Karol Palma


Cacharel Anais She said...

fb name: Cacharel Anais She

Evangeline Go said...

fb name: Evangeline Go (

twitter name: @GODheartGel

Anonymous said...

Twitter: kathwooman

Kara said...

Twitter: @kararrific

FB name: Kara Macadangdang

Item I want to win:

Jeline said...

Jeline Catacutan

livewithlove said...

Hi Laureen! :)

Twitter: ezrabarbara
Facebook: Ezra Balasa

Here's the dress I would love to win :) What's nice about the dress is that I can wear for casual and formal as well. Thank you! More power!

ana monica ayungao said...

twitter: @monicaayungao

Patrizia Yap said...

Twitter: @PatriziaYap
FB: Patrizia Stephanel Yap

Katrina De Jesus said...

twitter name: @katrinadejesus4
fb name: katrina de jesus
twitter link:!/KatrinaDeJesus4/status/186018496021401600

Mina Balondo said...

twitter: @minabalondo
fb: Wilhelmina C. Balondo
this one is really cute!

Jovelyn said...

Geela Garcia said...

Twitter: @geelagarcia

Sydney Crespo said...

Twitter: Sydney Crespo (

FB: Sydney Crespo (

Hannah Mae Ibay said...

Hannah Mae Ibay
Twitter: @blackpinkcexs

dolly quizon said...

twitter : djaquizon
fb : Dolly Joyce Ann Quizon

Anonymous said...

twitter abd fb name: ulla sy

link of item:

Sydney Crespo said...

Twitter: SydneyCrespo (

Facebook: Sydney Crespo (

krzyyperry said...

Kreiza Patolot

Anonymous said...

Fb name :Tans Santiago
Twitter: @svetlanisophy
Link of the item:

D. Caila said...

Twitter: @cladomingo
Facebook: (The one on the left)

Kai Grafia said...

FB: Karen Claire Grafia
Twitter: @kaigrafia

Khyutee said...

twitter: JCnQT
FB: Elaine Chua

Alleyson Laurice said...

twitter: @alleysonlaurice
FB name: Alleyson Laurice Rabino

itsmjlagasca said...

Twitter: itsmjlagasca
facebook: Marie Joy Lagasca

Anonymous said...

Facebook- Divine Resuello

Daphne Manaog said...

Twitter: @dphmng
FB: Daphne Manaog

Mariel Reyes said...

Twitter: @Yelifeaholic
FB: Mariel Reyes
Item I want :
Little Black Dress (LBD)

Daphne Manaog said...

FB: Daphne Manaog

Char said...

FB: charmaine manlangit
twitter: @secretcharmm

Janella Cruz said...
Janella Ann Cruz

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @mimimalik1D
Facebook: Mimi Cascabel

Anonymous said...

Facebook- Divine Resuello
Twitter- @ohbananapotato


Vianne said...

Facebook: Vianne Del Rosario
Twitter: @akosivianne

Thank you!

Helena said...

Enter me and shared!/Helenalol1/status/186036446883360769

Twitter: Helenalol1
FB: LadyOf TheDarkness

Anonymous said...

Facebook- Divine Resuello
Twitter- @ohbananapotato

melitta said...

awesome giveaway! thank you so much for this opportunity :)
everything is so lovely, it was very hard to decide, but I'd love to wear this one
fb name: Melita Jagodić
twitter id: @tomel611

June Izabelle Roque said...

Facebook: Jill Roque
Twitter: @jillroque

Nix said...

Facebook: Nix Rueda
Twitter: @nixrueda

Bea Geronimo said...

twitter: @asdfbea

jhenz balatico said...

twitter: @itsme_JHENZtine
fb: jenifer santander balatico

I want to take home this one

fede1701 said...

Enter me :)
FB: Little Snail
twitter: @LittleSnail1
I love this: and this:

reairish said...

TWITTER: reairishrea
FB: Rea Irish Cabug-os

Bea Geronimo said...

fb: Bea Geronimo
twitter: @asdfbea

Erika M.U.F. said...

I'm in! *_*
GFC: MakeUp Fun
FB: Stella Incantevole
Twitter: @Stellausit
Tweeted here:!/Stellausit/status/186040857256927233

Jerica said...

Twitter: @awesomecattleya
FB: Jerica Frani

Adonis Cruz said...

fb name: Donn Cruz
twitter: @donnn_19!/donnn_19/status/186042160456548355

Adonis Cruz

sittie rainie limba said...

sittie rainie limba

bea geronimo said...

twitter: @asdfbea

CABY said...

Twitter Name:
FB Name:
Camile Arcayos Beroña Cute!♥

Charlene Yorsua said...

TWITTER: cmyorsua

Agnes said...

Facebook - Agnes Paras
Twitter - @agnesparas

Anonymous said...

Facebook: Patricia Pedro
Twitter: @zanyside!/photo.php?fbid=366856863358455&set=a.366855200025288.88068.265197420191067&type=3&theater

Myna Calangi said...

Twitter: @mynabirdie
Fb name: Myna Calangi

Arnie Villanueva said...

Twitter: @listentoarnie

Facebook: Arnie Villanueva

Link of the item:

Thank you so much, Laureen! :)

Len Roldan said...

Twitter: LenRoldan
FB: Len Roldan


KAT VALDEZ said...

Twitter: kattvaldez
Facebook: Kat Valdez :)

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @bloggerwannabe
Facebook: Chayenne Saul

Skye said...

Done and shared here!/SkyeKumi/status/186052535814078464
Twitter: SkyeKumi
FB: Skye Kumi

Arianne Castillo said...

Twitter- @ariannesparks
Facebook -

i wanna win this (:

Charl said...

twitter : @charleecious21
FB : Charl Lee

Bianca Nicole Duncan said...

Name: Bianca Nicole B. Duncan
Twitter: @duncanbianca
Link of item:

Olive Poblete said...

Facebook: Olib Poblete
Twitter: @olibeolibe

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @kidoshoangelica

JA said...

FB: JA Castisimo
Twitter: aztannah
itooo po :) dahil sa post nyo na ito
"ready in red" super favorite =D

sana manalo <3

Lalaina Acop said...

FB: Lalaina Acop
Twitter: lalainaafrvr21

This I want so bad! :( :( Pretty pastel and it is feminine and girly. ♥ I must win this!! HAHA.

Istin said...

TWITTER: istin21

Trisha Duncan said...

Name: Trisha Duncan
Twitter: @trishaduncan
Link of item:

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @geeanneyap
Facebook: G-anne Yap

Audri said...

twitter username - xxAuds

marianbern said...

twitter: @maanbern (marian bernardino)
FB: Maan Bern

Bloomer's Blog said...

Twitter Name: @cassie_vjc

Item's link:

Neryssa Cuyugan said...

Twitter: nerecuyugan
FB Name: Maria Neryssa Cuyugan
I want this

Anonymous said...


Kamelle Reigh said...

Twitter: @thisiskamrei
FB Name: Kam Rei Melle

I need this:

Shanice Clemente said...

Twitter: @shaniceclemente
Facebook: shanice clemente

Shanice Clemente said...

Twitter: @shaniceclemente
FB: Shanice Clemente

momsykulitz18 said...

@mythinktanknet / FB: chai castro galapon

ren santos said...

TWITTER: @renlsantos

smurfyyuan said...

FACEBOOK: hanah may fua
TWITTER: @smurfyyuan

carvey said...

Facebook: Carvey Samonte
Twitter: carvey_sam

Leihzel Jane S. Albaño said...

Anonymous said...

twitter name : Jhaz Deuna @wtfjhaz
FB name : Jhaz Deuna

Leihzel Jane S. Albaño said...

Elisha Fernando said...



yanyan said...

Facebook: Yanini Inamac
twitter: @yanyaninamac

Gina Ramos said...

fb: Gina Ramos
twitter: giandae

ren santos said...

twitter: @renlsantos

Gina Ramos said...

twitter: giandae
fb: Gina Ramos

jenny07_tm said...

twitter: @B1l0g
my pick:

mariel dimasangal vinas said...

FB: Mariel Dimasangal (Vinas)
Twitter: @bebangLOVEtata

Gina Ramos said...

fb Gina Ramos
twitter: giandae

Gina Ramos said...

twiiter: @giandae
fb: Gina Ramos

anschluss_phau23 said...

FB Name: Paula Palo Panlaqui
Twitter: paularoyale

Anonymous said...

Twitter: paupaulyn
FAcebook: Pau Giron

violeta said...

Twitter: viatorressantos
Facebook: Via Santos

Nette said...

Nice freebies! :)

Twitter: @mishnonette
FB: Nonette Daquiz

Anonymous said...


sooooo love <3

Chesca Jolejole said...

FB: Chesca Jolejole
Twitter: @chescaaake

Alexis Nicole said...

Facebook- Alexis Nicole
Twiiter- @YesItsMeAlexis

Gina Ramos said...

fb: Gina Ramos
twitter: @giandae

OWMYGESH said...

FB NAME : Gizzelle Fidelino Peregrin
Twitter : @owmygesh

Anonymous said...

FB: Chesca Jolejole
Twitter: @chescaaake

Anonymous said...

Facebook - Alexis Nicole
Twitter - @YesItsMeAlexis

Vina Comia said...

Twitter: @binatamiya
FB: Vina Comia

Please let me win! This will be a perfect gift for my birthday :) Thanks!

Alexis Nicole said...

Facebook - Alexis Nicole
Twitter - @YesItsMeAlexis

Meryll Faith Ablong said...

Twitter: @meryllfaith_08

Gina Ramos said...

fb: Gina Ramos
twitter: @giandae

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @jajainamite
Facebook: Jaja Cabalquinto

Patricia Ison said...

facebook: patricia reyes ison <3

Althea Limbaga said...

Facebook: Althea Limbaga
Twitter: @tengywingyy

I want to win this dress:

Kaila Pasion said...

Janille Kaila Pasion

iam super said...

Twitter: @akasupernini
Facebook: Nina.morfe

Carol Ong said...

Facebook: Carol Ong
Twitter: @OngCarolyn

ShaCalderon said...

Twitter: @ShaCalderon
Facebook: Sharlene Calderon

Zeti Cuenca said...

Joined! :)
Twitter name: Zeti Cuenca | @zeticuenca
FB name: Marie Lyzette Cuenca
Link of item:

cayie said...

twitter: @dikboink
fb: riezel oledan

link of the item:

Anonymous said...

Twitter Name: Jeela Lacsao
FB Name: Jeela Florence Lacsao
Item I want to win:

ELLE said...

TWITTER: @poptartsELLE

Camile said...

Twitter Name:
FB Name:
Camile Arcayos Beroña
Hi Laureen!

Anonymous said...

facebook: Rhona Dei
twitter: @rhonadei

chicraven said...

Facebook: rachel venus erispe
twitter: iamchicraven

azmarrahbiruar said...

Twitter: @azmarrahb
Facebook: Azmarrah Biruar

Apol Cruz said...

Twitter Name: ringo01
FB Name: Apol Cruz

Elisah Legaspi said...

My Facebook:

My Twitter:!/legaspielisah

This is what I like:


peytchu said...

Twitter: @peytchu
FB: Peyt Chu
Item Link:

itsHannaYoon said...

Facebook: 윤 한나 (Hanna Yoon)
Twitter: @itsHannaYoon

Marie Castro said...

Twitter: @mariebiskwet
Facebook: Marie Castro
Item: <a href="> Gold dress (click link) </a href>

Lebi said...

Fb: Sunshine's Fashion
TW: @Lebi85

I like :

Anonymous said...

twitter: @tincarpio

WearAbouts said...

Facebook-Rory Finn
Twitter- @wearaboutsblog
Thanks so much for a great giveaway! <3


eloisa gallego arceo said...

facebook: Eloisa Gallego Arceo
twitter: eloisaGarceo

lizlizcruz said...

Twitter: @lizlizcruz
FB - lizffcruz

lizlizcruz said...

Twitter: @lizlizcruz
FB: lizffcruz

Mauri Chua said...

Facebook: Mauri Chua
Twitter: maurichua

f said...

twitter: si__fon

Raine Flor said...

Facebook: Raine Flor
Twitter: @rainebums

Unknown said...

Twitter: @nikkamerro
FB: Anna Kattrina Aba Merro

Anonymous said...

Twitter: @eypiem
FB: Ariane Mangiliman

Johanna Zerah said...

Twitter: @ikrjani
Facebook name: Johanna Zerah Pascua Roxas

Lora Joice Merlin said...

Twitter: @queenchorbit
Facebook: Lora Joice Merlin

laura f said...

I love this:

latika fondue (FB)
latikaf (twitter)

Nica said...

twitter: nicadiaz
fb: Nica Diaz

justine nicolle abutan said...

twitter: @callmemeyer
facebook:justine nicolle

Ara Reyes said...

Twitter: iswallowshoes
facebook: Ara Cajigas Reyes

abee said...

Facebook- Abee Gail Santos
Twitter- Abee_G

Arabellai said...

Facebook: Arabelle Kristine Capito
Twitter: @arabellai

eybisidi-esme said...

FB: Esme Marteja
Twitter: @emarteja

Harun Ar said...

Hmmmm....., Nice post...

rizelle caluya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
littlemisspoleng said...

Twitter: @MariePaulyn
Facebook: Marie PauLyn DeLa Cruz

Cheska; said...

FB: Cheska Balingit
Twitter: Chekaah

rizelle caluya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abee said...

facebook: Abee Gail Santos
twitter: @Abee_G

abee said...

Facebook: Abee Gail Santos
twitter: @Abee_G

Zelle ♥ said...

FB: Hazel Ann Uri
Twitter: @halfunread
Want to win:

Camille Peteros said...

FB: Maria Camille Peteros
Twitter: Caamillito

Andrea Bensali said...

twitter: DrealovesIrvin
FB name: Maria Andrea Xiv (


Sheena said...

FB: Sheena Irish Betis
Twitter: @WhosThatAwesome

Macky Dagan said...

Twitter name : @chrisard03
Fb Name: Macky Dagan


rejj said...

twitter: @rejjisheart

urban_princezz said...

FACEBOOK: Urban Princezz
TWITTER: @urban_princezz


Allyson Bautista said...

FB: Allyson Bautista
Twitter: iamsuperallyson


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