Beach Ready

Here are some items that will keep you fashionable, pretty and tidy even when you're at the beach having fun.
       SM Accessories hats. Hide from the scorching sun by wearing these fab hats.
       Banana Peel flip flops. Be comfy and wear these stylish and affordable flip flops. They've cool designs!
       Goody flat iron comb. No need to bring a straightener at the beach if you want to show off your straight hair, 
         just use this flat iron comb with a blow dryer (that I'm sure they have in hotels) and use this Goody pink 
         comb after swimming so your hair wont get damaged.
       Avon pocket brushes. They're so small and handy! These are the brushes you'll really need for the beach.
       Lancome Hypnose doll eyes mascara. No need to put eyeshadow or liner at the beach- just use this, bat your 
         lashes and you're done!
       Majolica Majorca skin remaker (gold one). Aside from the fab packaging, this is really useful because it covers 
         your pores and blemishes so your skin will look like porcelain. 
       Benefit flawless foundation. If you plan to tan, this will keep your face oil free- plus it's SPF 25 too.
       Majolica Majorca translucent press powder. It's very light on the skin and keeps the oil at bay. So if you want 
         that "no make up look", use this.  
       Keep It Together (KIT) travel kit. If you bring so much with you, this is perfect because you can just transfer 
         everything in little bottles and fit it in one kit.
       SM Accessories travel kit. Opt for this if you're just bringing shampoo, soap and lotion. On-the-go ang peg!
       SM Accessories mini organizers. Perfect for neat freaks! Organize/segregate your dirty laundry, underwear, etc. 
       Accutone earphones. In-ear headset with remote and microphone so you if you want to talk to someone while 
         tanning, you don't have to move anymore.
       On-go smart phone speaker. Have fun and listen to music inside your room by just plugging it on your phone. 
         It's pocket size too so you can bring it anywhere.
       Avon Style Essentials nail cutter and buffer. No to dirty nails on the beach.
       Avon Style Essentials hard case for sunglasses. No need to worry about breaking your sunnies- keep it stylish 
         too by using this case.


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! LOVE the hats!!!

PS. We’ve a Gift Card Giveaway to LYLIF on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

ox from NYC!


AErauw said...

I love this post! And the hats are so cool!

XO Aline

Amanda L said...

wowww amazingg

Maria said...

got excited to be at the beach after reading this! fab hats btw! :D

Jenny said...

Lovely! Banana Peel flip flops is my fave tsinelas! hehe

Anonymous said...

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