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 Cute iphone and blackberry cases!
MobC pink bb/ red iphone case       Ksays blue bb casing
The Style Machine purple lego/ floral iphone case
 Travalo mini perfume bottle
It's a 5ml fragrance atomizer that's so easy to bring anywhere, especially if you're bringing a small clutch to an event. You can easily refill it in seconds with no hassle and no liquid spilling. How? Watch it HERE. After you've watched the video, you'd know why I have this. Smell good all the time and bring this with you everyday, everywhere.
 Titania nail implements
Beauty tools that we use are not just merely metal objects but they're our personal items that we call our own. You'd think it's okay just to buy any kind of nail clippers, but if you love your nails and if you're really "kikay", then you should get these. It's anti-slip too! Aren't they the prettiest? It's just like your buying a designer bag rather than going for a normal or fake bag. 
 Dashe Cosmetics false eyelashes
It's a must to wear falsies during events- it makes your eyes more lively and your face prettier. 
X-Doria laptop case
I use my laptop everyday- it's as important as my cellphone too so switching from my boring black casing to this purple one just makes my daily tasks more interesting. 


Elisa said...

Very nice things !
I love that laptop case :)

Michael Macalos said...

love the colors :))

Cam Arcilla said...

Nice picks! They're all cute! :3

- Cam

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...


Only Samsung Galaxy SII doesn't have much lovely casing designs ... I wish there are more cases like these lovely cuties for my phone too haaayz!

I love your new stuffs! So girlie! The mini perfume bottle is essential! I must try that too haha.


Aileen said...

Ooooh, that Travalo mini perfume bottle would really come in handy for me :>

Travalo Philippines Team said...

You can get the Travalo at . Also like us on Facebook --

teach said...

I bought one online delivered naman sa Pinas great product and Travalo see my review about the product: