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Like all the other girls out there, we all work hard everyday and when that day of the month comes (which is pay day)- all we want to do is relax and give ourselves some treat and pampering. Just so you know, I don't do this a lot- so I kind of went all out. Haha.
First stop, I went to The Bag Museum at Wilson st. (right on top of Ristras) and decided to check out their bags. A contact informed me that they sell designer goods at a cheaper price. When I arrived, I instantly fell in love with this Furla bag. I wore it the whole time whilst searching for other goods. Moments later I found out that their bags are actually priced 20-30% off the retail price.
My top three choices from L-R: Furla bag, Tory Burch red bag and Kate Spade bag
They don't only sell handbags, in fact they have wallets, sunnies and accessories available too! And I just love the brands that they're handling- Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Kate Spade, Furla, Michael Kors, Tory Burch and many many more. You can also try ordering from The Bag Museum online if you don't have time to visit the store. You'll definitely be see me wearing my new bag soon.
Lunch time! Since Ristras was just below, we decided to check it out. I got the spicy beef burrito- yum. For an easier transaction, I used my Visa debit card. It looks like a credit card but it's actually an alternative to cash or checks. If you hate losing money, then this is perfect for you. A debit card is linked directly to you bank account (or how much you deposit to the card) so your money will just be in one card.
Just a few benefits when you use a debit card: it allows you to make the same kinds of purchases as with credit cards without needing to carry cash, it provides the same type of “zero liability” protection as credit cards, there is no APR or interest rate charged. You can use it when purchasing anything too! 
After eating, I went straight to the mall. I visited my two of my favorite shops Mango and Topshop and couldn't resist their latest collection. Good thing I have my Visa debit card all the time- and because a debit card links directly to your bank account, you can spend only what you have in your account. This helps keep you out of debt. It's really my money in one card- so convenient. I love it!
Now- "hindi magpapakabog ang local stores." Seriously, I really love local stores, not only are they available but the designs are also breathtaking. Looks like I won't be shopping for awhile after this. BMS. 


Bryle Jhone Gaballo said...
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Bryle Jhone Gaballo said...

I also use EON VISA Card when I go shopping. It's really easy to use and pay bills. I ♥ shopping!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Miss Laureen, how I love your style! :D May I ask, what camera are you using here? Thank you and more power. :)

roviedear said...

that's a lot of shopping laureen! Can't wait to see the stuff you bought :)
Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the bags! Looks like an amazing event! X

paulinejoyp said...

I loved it! You're also using an EON card ;))

freakin' fierce said...

Hi laureen.. I know you're into fashoin business too. I love stylebreak collections. I will check and buy some when i go back to pinas. My name is kris, architect, pinay/macau resident. I am starting my own online fashion shop "freakin' fierce" . I'm selling bags & accessories at a very low price. Please, if you have time check my instagram account @themusthaves it would be such a pleasure if you could advertise my line;) maybe you can use some of my items on your online shop too. Thank you so much! You're so freakin' fierce and gorgeous! :)

chicraven said...

your an endorser of unionbank?? nice blog!

Kiwi said...

Lovely photos.
I like the clothing style of Mango too.
Show us some pics of you with the stuff you bought from there =D

Cams said...

Hi Laureen! Isn't it dangerous having your card number exposed in this post? :-S I suggest that you blur it asap. Just concerned. :)

Kai Grafia said...

That looks like a lot and costs too much! HAHA. I hope I can shop till I drop too. LOL

Anonymous said...

your cc number shows. time to bluurrrr that shit

Anonymous said...

Hi Laureen! What's the brand of your purple iPhone case? It's so cute! :)

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