Wacoal x BMS Contest (CLOSED)

Ever since I was a kid, I used to be stick thin. I would never be conscious of my body or how people would think of me. Come high school, I started noticing that my body changed a bit, everyone (including me) started getting curvier. I started feeling like a girly girl, so I started dressing up more and more. Like everyone else's body, while you grow older, your body type changes. In college, while everyone else's were getting gradual changes, I remained flat chested. I've nothing against it during those times, but I just really felt like a guy because of my flat chest (and I didn't want to feel that). My best solution? Wacoal push up bras or extra padded bras. It gives that illusion that you actually have bigger fronts. This just goes to show how important undergarments are- like wearing a seamless undergarment under a bodycon dress (like me in this photo), or a high-waisted panty if you want to look thinner. Trust me, wearing Wacoal gives you more confidence and makes you feel sexier. Dressing your age is a must- even with undergarments.
Photo by: Adrian Dungo for Cosmopolitan Magazine
With this, Wacoal will be collaborating with BMS to make my readers feel more confident by wearing the right type of undies. 1st place will WIN P20,000 worth of Wacoal GCs while runner ups get P15,000 and P10,000 worth of Wacoal GCs each. How to join?
      1. Like/ RT this post
      2. Like Wacoal's Facebook fan page
      3. Make your own blog post about this and write about your most shocking body aging story and how you would want 
         Wacoal to address it in less than 1000 words and mostly in english. 
        (yes, you should have your own blog to join- it can be blogspot, tumblr, wordpress, etc as long as it's your 
        own blog. You can even put pictures to make it look more interesting). 
      4. When you're done with your entry, post it on your own Facebook wall and tag Philippine Wacoal Corporation.

Contest period from May 23-June 15 only and I'll be announcing the winners on June 29 at and on my blog. Entries will be judged by the following: contest (40%), organization/form (25%), writing/grammar (25%) and reader's support (10%). I will be asking for screenshots of your likes and tweets so don't forget to follow the entire mechanics. Good luck guys! BMS.


GIULIA said...

love your dress!

Bianca Fabia said...

I use wacoal too! They have the BEST undergarments and btw you really really really really really look amazing in your photo, your smile is so genuine! :) <3

Style Grenade said...

Lau, do I need to include pictures from Wacoal for this contest or just pure words?

magz13 said...

Hi Ms.Laureen posting a copy of my link entry for Philippine Wacoal Corporation contest. done all the steps in the mechanics. thanks!

Cathy Anderson said...

I am only 20, so I haven't exactly been around the block with bra's yet, but the Wacoal Awareness bra is absolutely the BEST I've ever worn. The first night I bought it, I couldn't help but walk around my house in it - it's incredibly comfortable, you forget you're even wearing one! I'm a 42DD, so I need the extra support; the Wacoal Awareness Bra offers not only support, but also elegance, comfort, and confidence! I felt that I still appeared perky, and as the Bra Fitting Specialist at Nordstrom told me, it gave me the curves I WANT to have as a woman! I highly recommend just my size bras .