Night Regimen

 I love to sleep... I love to sleep in the most relaxing way that I can. After all, who wants to look stressed everyday, right? This is my night regimen- two sprays of Earth Therapeutics anti-stress pillow mist on my pillows, light a cafe mocha candle from Heima and put Nourishing Night Oil (NNO) on my face before I sleep. I just discovered NNO and I love it because it's an all-natural moisturizer that treats dry skin. It's a combination of vitamin E and jojoba oil (which resembles the natural skin oil) so it helps rejuvenate the skin making it supple and younger looking. 
 Unlike other creams and moisturizers, NNO doesn't have a greasy or oily feeling after application. What I love best about it is it comes in an applicap preparation to prevent it from oxidation and so it retains its freshness. So why use it at night? That's what they recommend because it is when our skin starts to regenerate, making skin more ready to absorb oil. Since it's all natural, it's guaranteed free from harmful/harsh surfactants. They say you'll see the results in two weeks. I can't wait to reach my second week! Check out NNO's page HERE.
I do recommend you to try my routine- it will make you the most relaxed person ever. And because of this post, I feel like sleeping again. Goodnight! BMS.


Rory said...

What a good routine! I'd never heard of that before. Thanks Laureen :) :)
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Dyann Laririt said...

I love this blog! I clicked on the link for their website and ask where I could buy it. I was so surprise to know that it cost only P450/30capsules :))) I have a dry skin so I'm sure this will be a great help. Thanks Laureen! ^_^

~+~ Chai ~+~ said...

Wow! I'll definitely love this! :) I'll try as well! My work stress really needs that relaxation!

I also tried that lash enhancer thingie you posted before. It kinda helped I think hehe.


Belle said...

Your blog's just so cute! I love it! But can you interview someone who has oily or acne prone skin and have them share their routine as well? I have that skin type and have been wondering about how celebrities tame their skin. Thanks! :)