Stylista x Pantene

I actually get a lot of emails from my readers asking what hair products I use, what's my hair color, etc. Next month, I will be answering all that. Together with Pantene hair expert Alex Carbonell (celebrity stylist and chief creative director of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell salon), we're going to show you looks that are part of the Autumn-Winter 2012 catwalk trend report from P&G Beauty. Maybe you're still confused with what I'm saying right now so I'll tell you more about it- what I'm about to share is the Stylista x Pantene Series.
It's a partnership between Pantene and top fashion bloggers in the country to show how hairstyles complete an ensemble and how your hair can survive tough torture situations (heat styling, coloring, etc) by using Pantene. I usually have shoots/ events almost everyday and having a great hair style is a must, but in order to have a nice hairdo you also have to put styling products (which can damage the hair). So really, how do you maintain nice hair? I'm actually very excited to share this with you guys since this is the first time I'll be talking more about my hair. It's amazing how Pantene protects your hair from damage without weighing your hair down. Remember, it's always better if your hair is shiny and bouncy! Let me show you what I mean by "the golden standard in hair health" in a few weeks. This is just a teaser of what we did but I hope you like it. I'll be teaching you the balance between wearing a statement outfit with noticeable hair. Believe me, you're going to learn A LOT from these looks. Can't wait to share it with you guys! BMS.
 *This is done in collaboration with Pantene.


Kiwi said...

I've never tried any Pantene products... Maybe I should start, since I get a lot of dried, split ends. I only shampoo, condition, and spray on heat protectant when I have to use my flat iron XP

ardie baluyut said...

can't wait to knowabout your hair ,, love umiss laureen!

Dana said...

I actually started using Pantene this year and my hair has been better than ever!
I want to know how you style your hair! :D

Sarah said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it :) I look forward to seeing your future posts xxx

Psyche said...

You really do have one of the best hairs in the blogging world. :)