Mumi Bags x BMS Giveaway (CLOSED)

Yes, I love neons- I think I've established that already. I always get tweets from my followers that if they see something neon they always think of me haha. Mumi Bags really have a collection of bright and colorful bags- especially their small bags (I wore them in one of my outfit posts HERE) and fluoro satchels. With these neon bags, you'll definitely be a scene stealer. 
I got one in orange and I want to extend my happiness by giving ONE fluoro satchel to a lucky reader. Don't worry because I'm also giving away THREE passport holders as consolation prizes. Your choice of color, of course. So that's ONE fluoro satchel winner and ONE passport holder to THREE winners. How to join?
        1. Like this post
        2. Like Mumi Bags' Facebook fanpage
        3. Upload a photo of the fluoro satchel bag on your Facebook account and say this, "Win this eye-catching 
           fluoro satchel just by joining Laureen Uy's blog giveaway at " and tag Mumi's Facebook 
           fanpage and three other friends. 
        4. Comment below with your full name, twitter name and the link of the status you posted. 

Please only comment ONCE because I need to approve it first before it shows on the comment box. Contest period from September 28 to October 5 only. I will be choosing the winners via and will be announcing the winners via my Facebook fanpageand Twitter account. Good luck everyone! BMS.


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anne palaganas said...

full name: Precious Anne Palaganas
twitter name: @peonypink_10
status link:

Zayra said...

Rose Zayra Vilses

Dhenna Uy said...

Name: Dhenna Emery Uy
Twitter: @DhennaUy

Irene Pang said...

Irene Pang

abhie amurao said...

Amor Abegail Amurao

regiegamalo said...

Ken Regie Gamalo

regiegamalo said...

Ken Regie Gamalo

Marie Jane Rosell said...

Full name: Marie Jane Rosell Jaime Twitter Name: @MarieJaneRosell
FB post:
Tweet link:

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann Grace Catapusan

AliolNyl said...

I fell in love with this fluoro satchel bags! Loila Lyn B. Langi, twitter name is aliolTriple, and here's the link of my status:

Katrin Tuaño said...

Katrin Anne Nicole S. Tuaño
twitter: @katrintuano

Link for post on facebook:

careninay said...

Karen B. Lutao

ELLE said...

name: ELLE Guina (elle shoppe)
twitter name: @poptartsELLE

Anonymous said...

Full name: Nicole Janine Vela Sanchez
twitter: @nclsnchz

rejj said...

full name: rejj sibayan
twitter name: @rejjisheart
link of the status:

Alleyson Laurice said...

full name: Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino
twitter name: @LauriceAlleyson
link of my FB status:

Anonymous said...

full name: Marlene Tesoro
twitter name: @CashieCashie
link of the status you posted:

Anonymous said...

full name: Julia Casipit
twitter name: @juliacasipit
link of the status posted:

Anonymous said...

Caren Joy P. Fernandez

AVA T.♥ said...

Name: AVA TE
Twitter: @artsyava
FB status link:

Carol Sumague said...

Carolina Sumague

Larissa said...

Larissa De Guzman Manguba

Jenn Mallari-Laysico said...

Jennifer Ann Mallari

Anonymous said...

Sheer Ann Lee

Anonymous said...

Name: Ma. Angeline M. Sumague
Twitter: @akosigelai

Jenny said...

Name : Jennifer Fosgate
Twitter : @jenfosgie
Fb link :

christine said...

Christine Joy Igpuara

Anonymous said...

Name: Gerimie Therese B. Ciolo
Twitter: @siGemAko
FB link:

AnnePavon said...

Name: Julianne Kyla Pavon
Twitter: @Annemazingg

Anonymous said...

Full name: Gelaine P. Maranan
Twitter name: @mariaheleina
Status link:

Queenly Tan said...

Catherine Queenly Tan

Samantha Terencio said...

Name: Samantha Marie S. Terencio
Twitter: @bananasamantha
FB Link:

Andrea Fernando said...

Full name: Lian Andrea S. Fernando
Twitter: @andreafrnndo

Meikah Ybañez-Delid said...

Name: Meikah Delid
Twitter: @Meikah
Facebook Status:

Hope I win! :)

Ayah CaR said...

twitter name: @chasingayahcar
fb stat:

Patricia Capalungan said...


Patricia Capalungan said...


RHEN said...

Karren Semense

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Gomabo

julie ann Tapales said...

Julie Ann B. Tapales

R.A. Cruz said...

full name: ROSE ANNE M CRUZ
twitter name: LeFabGeek
FB link:

Nickha Pineda said...

Name: Nickha Denisse G. Pineda
Twitter: @nickhapineda

Chinky Lelina said...

Cassandra Marie U. Lelina

Anonymous said...

Name: Christine Bernadette M. Baldeo
Twitter: @ohceebee
Status Link:

P.S. Laureen, Green is my favorite color. :)
xoxo ♥

Kristine Bulatao said...

Kristine Amiel C. Bulatao

zihram said...

Full name: Ma. Rhiza Mae Medalla

Twitter name: marhizzyy

Link of the Facebook status:

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Gomabo

Cheska Pagsanjan said...

Cheska E. Pagsanjan

TRIZHIE G. said...

Mary Patricia Ann Gamas

Snow Dee said...

Name: Snow Dee
Twitter: @snowscribes

Pamela Jayne Ang said...

Name: Pamela Jayne Co Ang
Twitter: @pamjayne
FB link:

Anonymous said...

full name: jessica v. Mariano
twitter: @akosidyeka

(p.s. Cant tag mumi bag, mobile phone user, hoping you accomodate this entry)

Jasmine B. Castillo said...

Jasmine B. Castillo
Twitter: @wheresjas
Facebook Link:

Faith S. Sedico said...

Faith Sedico

Miss Kerzie said...

Kerwin Anne M. Reyes
twitter name: misskerzie

mariel said...

Name: Mariel Nocon
Twitter: @marielnocon

Anonymous said...

Name: Margie dela Cruz
Twitter: @marge0256

Mitch Del Rio said...

Michelle S Del Rio

Anonymous said...

Jocelle Ann I. Esperanza

Astrid said...

Name: Astrid Anne Resuello
(FB Account: Astrid Piniero)
Twitter: annemaersk
Facebook Link:

samantha.tedesco said...

Name: Samantha Tedesco
twitter: @samanthatedesco

thank you!!

marya said...

Maryquin Bade

Dianna said...

ou la la great win

Cassie Blanche said...

Full name: Mary Cassie Blanche A. Gonzales
Twitter: @cassieblanche
Photo/post link:!/photo.php?fbid=10151157936251530&set=a.112526096529.99345.685151529&type=3&theater

claire sereno said...

Claire Sereno

Very nice bags!
Praying to win..

Pauleen Tan said...

full name: Pauleen Kris Tan
twitter name: @polengkrisssyyy
status link:

Lois Alexandra Rey said...

Lois Alexandra Rey


MissAprilg said...

Full Name: April Grace Gregorio
Twitter: @MsEunMi
Status Link :

Anonymous said...

Full Name: Leigh-Anne Porras
Twitter Name: @leighleyleigh

Sheila Mae Bonsol Santos. said...

Name: Sheila Mae B. Santos
twitter: @kawaiiella24

Anabelle Gabrillo said...

Name:Anabelle Gabrillo

Hope to win. my birthday's coming! Yey

Lynette Go said...

Lynette Glecilda Go

Anonymous said...


Dianne Lacanlale said...

Name: Dianne Lacanlale
Twitter: @helloyanniee
FB Link:

Therese Chloe Kintanar said...

Therese Chloe Kintanar

Benz Dumol said...

Full name: Benessa Mae Dumol
Twitter name: @twirlyBee
Link of the status:

Aymah Balucas said...

Juaymah Ellen Balucas

Patricia Marie Rotulo Uy said...


Irish Apacible said...

Name: Irish S. Apacible
Twitter: @ayisssh
FB link:

Sayaka Sebastian said...

Name: Sayaka Sebastian
Twitter: @sayakasebastian
FB Link:

Ahlex Luna said...

Name: Ahlexia Kathlyn P. Luna
Twitter Name: @omgahlex

Frances Carolyn Tan said...

Name: Frances Carolyn Tan
twitter: @francesstan

Nikki dela Cruz said...

Full Name: Anna Christine dela Cruz
Twitter Name: @ThisIsMeNikkiD

r3dlady said...

JoAnn Enriquez
Twitter name: JoAnn Enriquez

Jessamer Abing said...

Jessamer Abing

Issah Genobisa said...

Name: Genobisa, Maria Issah
twitter name: @IamIssahG
status link:

Anonymous said...

Kathleen kay Vila

milky said...

NAME:Milky Santiago
TWITTER NAME:@milkysantiago

Bernadine Cruz said...

Name: Bernadine Cruz
Twitter: @nadineeec

Judy Ann Chio said...

Judy Ann Chio

Maria Hilary Claudio said...

Full Name: Maria Hilary R. Claudio
Twitter Name: @hilaryclaudio
Link of Status:

Katrina Coleen Bayog said...

Katrina Coleen Bayog

Anonymous said...

full name: Trisha Camille Lozano
twitter name:@trishlozanxx
link of the status:

Katrina Coleen Bayog said...

Katrina Coleen Bayog

Anna Patricia Ladiana said...

Name: Anna Patricia G. Ladiana
Twitter: @TLadiana
FB Link:

Anonymous said...

hanika lyn baldovino


Lorraine Carla Laplap said...

Lorraine Carla Laplap

Dana Alulod said...

full name: Rocel Dana Mae Alulod
Twitter: @danamii15
Link :

Diana Kristina said...

Name : Diana Kristina Junio
Twitter : @YANAtural

Lin Rios said...

Ronalyn Rios

Kate is♥ said...

full name: Justine Kate B. Mira
twitter name: @TheHeartCake
status link:

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann Grace Catapusan
FB Link:

Marah Angela said...

Marah Angela Altera Miranda @Iamangela04

Marah Angela said...

Name: Marah Angela Altera Miranda
Twitter name: Iamangela04
Status link:

Anonymous said...

Name: Roxanne Nicole Seña
Twitter: nicolaaaii_
FB link :

Anonymous said...

Name: Couleen Ysabel S. Conche
Twitter: @xycysc
FB Post link:

Anonymous said...

Name: Joan V. De Villa
Twitter: @Styleavenue1

Phya said...

Phylicia Marie Pineda

Anonymous said...

Name: Joan V. De Villa
Twitter: @Styleavenue1

Angelica Mongaya said...

Name: Angelica Mongaya
Twitter: @anggemngy

Rea Stevens said...

Realyn Stevens

Bianca Yzabelle said...

Full name: Bianca Yzabelle Nicoli Dela Paz Gabalfin
Twitter Username: @Biancayzabellee
Facebook Link:

shachiriechi said...

Name: Shahara Marie B. Dacas
FB link:

shachiriechi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie Camille Yap said...

Name: Jamie Camille Yap
Twitter: @JamieCamilleYap

Paulina Briones said...

Paulina Briones

Maaya Legaspi said...

Maaya Arianna A. Legaspi


Charmed Ria said...

Full Name: Marianne Mercado
Twitter: m_thecharmedone
Status Link:

Denise Corina C. LLamera said...

Denise Corina C. Llamera

twitter: mytoesmynise

Mina Balondo said...

Wilhelmina C. Balondo

Kamelle Reigh said...

Kamelle Reigh M. Etang

let me go said...

Name: Tai Koh
Twitter: @eysikills


Felyn Mae Espina said...

Name: Felyn Mae T. Espina
Twitter: Felyn Mae Espina

Soph de la Paz said...

Maria Sophia Clarisa E. de la Paz

Felyn Mae Espina said...

Name: Felyn Mae T. Espina
Twitter: Felyn Mae Espina

Ready, Get Set, Eat! said...

Millicent Kathryn Esguerra
twittername: minxesguerra

Anonymous said...

Maria Angeli V. Lava

Nicole said...

Nicole Pare

Rocsan Pepito said...

Rocsan H. Pepito

Marlene Yanga said...

Marlene R. Yanga

Krizza Dulguime said...

Krizza Iny Dulguime

Jonaline Reoma said...

Jonaline Mae Reoma

Quima said...

Quima May Renegado

Maika De Castro said...

Full name: Maika Cheliza C. De Castro
Twitter name: @maiksdecastro

Raessy said...

Raessy Angeles

Anonymous said...

Krizha Marie S. Chiong

Eunice Vanessa Bacnis said...

name: Eunice Bacnis

myrahE said...

Myrah Estelloso

Lilli Abatayo said...

full name: Lilli elizabeth abatayo
twitter name: @LilliAbatayo
fb status link:

little tea cup said...

Full Name: Dawnie Amante Tagala

anne tomale said...

name: fe angeli tomale
twitter: _angeli09_
fb link:

Kara said...

Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

Thea Nadine Cabote said...

Name : Thea Nadine Cabote
Twitter Name : @itheanadine

Hope I can win!

Stephanie Abiera said...

full name: Stephanie C. Abiera
twitter name: @bebeTEPH
link of the status:

Angela said...

Full Name: Angela Jasmine M. Bilbao
Twitter: Angela Jasmine (@DreaminGela)

Soundy Manuel said...

Soundy Manuel

Kei Carlos said...


hazel iris said...

Hazel Iris Alvarez

Cheska said...

Francheska Marie U. Lelina


ma.sheila kathrina junio said...

name: ma.sheila kathrina r. junio
@ mackcayabyab

jacquiline medina said...

Full Name: Jacquiline G. Medina
Twitter Name: @jackiemedina_17


Anonymous said...

Full name: Eleanize L. Ducanes
Twitter name: @nyzz1

Anonymous said...

Niña Therese Baguio Gomez

michelle said...

Michelle C. Lim

Anonymous said...

Mira Mae M. Sabale

pebols said...

Phoebe Hannah B. Francisco

Pia said...

Pia Ylisa Alday

Monique Palma said...

Kate Monique Palma
Monique Palma (@munik31)

Anonymous said...

mercy andree aclan magadia

Jhoana said...


Anonymous said...

maria luz aclan magadia

Anonymous said...

eleonor magadia

Michelle de Leon said...

Name: Michelle de Leon
Twitter: @chielabskimi

Alyanne Haye Tan said...



Anonymous said...


Ma. Hazel Vina Vinluan said...

Ma. Hazel Vina M. Vinluan

Anonymous said...

Name: Camille Gene Duy Olojan
Twitter: @BonSaru

Anonymous said...

Crisselle Placido

Giuls said...

name: Giulia Marinoni
twitter name: @marciume
status link :

Gee I said...

Mary Gee Ismael

Arabellai said...

Name: Arabelle Kristine Capito
Twitter: @arabellai

Nikka said...

Nikka Krusher

mei lazaro said...

Twitter ID: meilazaro
FB Link:

Crisvi Luz Osera said...

Crisvi Luz D. Osera

Alyssa Jane Saluta said...

Alyssa Jane A. Saluta

Anonymous said...

Marie Decerie Ramos Bolutano

:) <3

danica villanueva said...

danica villanueva

preii said...

full name: Precious Regina Breto
twitter name: @kapreiinggot
status link:

Aileen Cabuang said...

Full Name: Aileen Broqueza Cabuang
Twitter name: Aileen Cabuang

Mary Grace Po said...

Mary Grace R. Po

Cheers to blogging and fashion!
Yay! <3

Nicole Boado said...

Gabrielle Nicole Kay D. Boado

Erika Mae Hapitan said...

Erika Mae B. Hapitan

Patricia Romasanta said...

Patricia Romasanta

Ellen F. said...

Ellen Joy B. Fabian

Dana Julya Dela Torre said...

Full Name: Dana Julya S. Dela Torre
Twitter: @danariffic

Anonymous said...

Aileen B. Bolocon
twitter: @lheenail
Status link:

Ma. Karla Shane Orinoco said...

full name: Ma.Karla Shane Orinoco
twitter name: @karence1317
status link:

Janine Lucero said...

Janine Alicia Lucero

Jenalyn Medrano said...

Jenalyn D. Medrano


Fatima Jasmine Gonzales said...

Fatima Jasmine Gonzales

Sarah said...

Sarah Joy V. Damian

Anonymous said...

yasmin namoco abijay

louthaze said...

Louthaze Mae Allaine Castaneda

marygrace goles said...

Mary Grace Goles

claire solon said...

TWITTER: clairesolon1

agnes abelinde said...

Agnes Abelinde

Anonymous said...

Full Name: Marjorie Payumo
Twitter Name: @marjislove

apple barro said...

Apple Barro

apple barro said...

Apple Barro

Anonymous said...

Full name: Marjorie Payumo
Twitter: @marjislove

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