4 Days in the Orient

 live mannequins
 The hotel lobby at Howard Johnson's. 
 temple time
 matching Celine bags with my sister Liz
 prints and colors everywhere
Xiamen and Ningbo, China. BMS.


Zea Tampus said...

Attractions at Xiamen and Ningbo, China! Temples! Ms. Laureen,seeing this wonderful attractions made me feel that i'm with you all throughout your stay there. Awesome! ❤

Aki No Yuutsu said...

great photos!!!

Chippie said...

We stayed at the Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel last year! Their dining area is so cute, plus you get to spy on people :P

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

nice photos laureen <3

Livia Anggraeni said...

beautiful photos! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

Etaduran said...

Great shots! :)


Kristine Bulatao said...

Nice shots. Very steady. :)

Unique arm candies at very low prices at Green Berries!

camillexi said...

What camera are you using?

Diana said...

Lovely pictures!!

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~