Let's Move, Let's Love (CLOSED)

I'm sure you guys have heard of United Colors of Benetton's Hot and Cold perfumes that were so popular way back. They were the ultimate perfumes of all high school and college kids before! Now, I want to introduce two new fragrances that they just released:
 Let's Move is the perfect fragrance for young men who live a life that is always on the go- people who are always open to change and have a forward-looking spirit. It is specially designed who are athletic and self confident- that's almost all of the guys out there, right? Oliver Pescheux, the perfumer, says that above all, a fragrance is a creative idea and that it must be translated with as much precision and definition as possible. He created it with the perfect balance between creativity and accessibility. The bottle design is a transparent glass inspired by vitamin or water bottles so it will be easy to use and carry in a sports bag. It's clean/ tidy, just like how guys like it. Confidence is very important for a player to boost their energy. This fragrance opens with an energetic citrus cocktail spiced up by black pepper, refreshed by aromatic notes, strengthened by the masculine character of cedarwood and warmed by an amber and balsamic accord for an unforgettable signature.
 Let's Love is a new fragrance line that invites young ladies like me to take action and express their desire to love and to be loved. Emilie Coppermann, the perfumer, created this for the true-love journey's fragrance that any charming young lady has ever dreamed of. The bottle design is a transparent glass and is in around shape bottle that reveals the sensuality and true femininity of the fragrance. Of course, the scent comes in a soft pink color for a touch of romanticism. Created by the fruity accents of fleshy pineapple and a joyous bamboo sap with a concentrate of passion, it's really suited for a sweet and sensual lady. Let's Love reveals her romantic side through the heart ingredients glossy raspberry, star jasmine and passion flower. 
Having said all this, I'm sure guys want to have these fragrances for yourselves, so I'm giving away THREE bottles of Let's Move and THREE bottle of Let's Love. THREE winners will win a set (one Let's Move and one Let's Love)- it's the perfect gift for your special someone so you guys will have matching perfumes! All you have to do is: 

        1. Like this post
        2. Tweet, " Win United Colors of Benetton's new perfumes #benettonletsmove #benettonletslove by joining 
           Laureen Uy's giveaway "
        OR you can Instagram the photo above (the one with the two bottles in one photo) with the caption " Win 
           these by joining Laureen Uy's giveaway at " and link it to Twitter
        3. Comment below with your full name, Twitter name and the link of your tweet.

PLEASE only comment once because I need to approve it first before it shows on the comments box. Contest period is from 9-22 only. I will be choosing the winner via random/org and will be announcing the winners via my Facebook fanpage and Twitter account. Good luck guys. BMS.


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Brenda Marie Santos said...

Full Name: Brenda Marie Santos
Twitter name: @beedazzledd

Sheena Irish Betis said...

Sheena Irish Betis

Joanne said...

Joanne G. Blanco

Anonymous said...

Anna Ysabella Rico


Kristin Carao said...

Kristin Carao, @mikaelakristin,

Christian Melanie Lee said...

Christian Melanie C. Lee
Twitter link:

Ayel said...

full name, Twitter name and the link of your tweet

Full Name: Mariel Ballada
Twitter: @ayielle
Tweet Link:

carol said...

Carolina Sumague

Freakindeen said...

Elton Daundeen Arriola, @imDEENgerous,

Anonymous said...

Allysa Mae Petros

mik mandap said...

Kimberly Anne B. Mandap

Meanne Enriquez said...

Mary Ann Enriquez

joesylmarie said...

Joesyl Marie de la Cruz
Twitter: @joesylmarie

Anonymous said...

Queen Jearel B. Cruz

Stephanie Head Ambrosio said...

Full Name: Stephanie Head Ambrosio
Twitter Name: Stephanie Marie J
Twitter account: @StephanieMarieJ

Anonymous said...

Claudine Ena Renegado

cautiously optimistic said...

Jamil Pura

Vim Malicay said...

Vim Malicay


Christian Simbulan said...

Christian F Simbulan

Apol ♥ said...

Rachel Uy Villaluna

henley said...

Henley Tabal, @henlaye

happy birthday ms.Laureen - more blessings!

abhie amurao said...

Amor Abegail Amurao

Anonymous said...

Cecille Magat

cautiously optimistic said...

Jamil Pura

RubyG. said...


GISELLA said...

Gisella Marie L. Adajar

Anonymous said...

Melody Quitevis , @ydolem_10

Kimberly Neri said...

Kimberly D. Neri, @kimbyerna,

Anonymous said...

I just wanna win this for my husband
please Ms.Laureen, i would appreciate it so much :) Thanks!

Bernadette Pagaddu
Twitter: @momilicious05

pearlsheng said...

wow i want to win and have these cool fragrances from BENNETON!SHIENA VALDEZ

sheinedeanna said...

sheine deanna ramos

akosigelai said...

Ma. Angeline M. Sumague

Ailene Salvatierra said...

love to win this :) happy birthday Ms.Laureen..

Fullname : Ai Salvatierra
Twittername : aiymaldita
Link :

Anonymous said...

Jessica Feliz Fabia

Abi said...

Abegail M. Sorizo

Eddielli said...

Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

cristina f said...

Maria Cristina Fabio

Anonymous said...

Lea dela Cruz
twitter name: @leaislurrve

MishieElliott said...

Michelle M. Ocampo
Twittername: MishieElliott

mayla lagrimas said...

Mayla Lagrimas

Anonymous said...

Anne Camille Berdin

Happy birthday Laureen Uy. :)))))

Kathleen Nieto said...

name: Kathleen Nieto
twitter name: @KathleenNieto
twitter link:

Mika Gabriel said...

Mikaela Gabriel

DoKsTeR said...

name: Jeffrey John Imutan
twitter: @iamjimutan

Une Mère Célibataire de Pensées said...

Jackie Louise Mellerup


Alex Summer said...

Allaine Pili

Liz said...

Lizzette Sanchez

krit said...

Name: Krisha Marie Pala
Twitter: @kritums

mary jane santos jaramillo said...

Mary Jane Santos Jaramillo

♥Happy Birthday♥

Mara Reformado said...

Mara Abigail Reformado, iammaraBER

Anonymous said...

Mariel Ann G. Sepina

Parce Quinay said...

Parce Eleanor B. Quinay
@parsikins (twitter name)

Mary Jane said...

Mary Jane Santos Jaramillo

Edrea Camille Samonte said...

Edrea Camille Samonte

Pam Alarcon said...

Pamela M. Alarcon

Anonymous said...

Charmaine Anne Picaña

kwitstayo said...

Cath Lacorte
Twitter: @ktechit07

Kat Santelices said...

Kate Santelices

icarsper said...

Maricar Guevarra, icarsper,

Nadine Viñalon said...

Nadine Viñalon, @ImYourNad,

careninay said...

Karen B. Lutao

Nadine Viñalon said...

Nadine Vinalon, @ImYourNad,

jhaz deuna said...

full name, Jhasmine M. Deuna
Twitter name jhaz deuna @wtfjhaz link of tweet :

NicoleYzabella said...

Nicole Yzabella F. Acuna

Anonymous said...

Czes L Rivera

Yani Dolor Francisco said...

wow i want one also! hehe

Anonymous said...

Ma. Carla Janina R. Palma, @janinapalma,

AliolNyl said...

Full name: Loila Lyn B. Langi
Twitter name: @aliolTriple
Tweet link:

Mary Darleen Matienzo said...

NAME: Mary Darleen D. Matienzo
TWITTER NAME: DarlzMatienzo

Yani Dolor Francisco said...

i want! Ma. Dolor Luisa Francisco twitter name is Yani Francisco/yanitagurl

Judith Albius said...

judith albius

I Style, Thrift Eye said...

Jella Mae Cagampang


I Style, Thrift Eye said...

Jella Mae Cagampang


Honey Lyn Barrera said...

full name: Honey Lyn C. Barrera
twitter name: iamhoneycat
tweet link:

Shirley S. Lim said...


★ Katrina said...

Katrina Lara

Kamelle Reigh said...

Name: Kamelle Reigh Etang

jongcute said...

Janice Marjo Nuevas

laureen madraso said...

Name: Laureen Madraso
Twitter: @LaureenMadraso

Julienne Matuguina said...

Julienne Kate F. Matuguina

atL-sQuare.930 said...

Full Name: Jahnstela B. Roxas
Twitter Name: @jahnstela
Link :

Anonymous said...

Natalie Miranda

aphio anne said...

NAME: Christian Grace R. Ortines

Twitter : @aphioanne

paolaalcantara said...

Paola Kathrina G. Alcantara, alcantarakath, #benettonletsmove, #benettonletslove

April said...

April Climaco

Anonymous said...

KC Borja

Anonymous said...

Siscy Borja

Cheska Lelina said...

Francheska Marie U. Lelina

remycelle said...

Remycelle Cruz

Joy Merced said...

Lovely Joy Merced

jeanine dayapan said...

Jeanine Christine A. Dayapan

Michelle Asuncion said...

Michelle Asuncion

Kayka Sadowska said...

i judge sometimes perfume by the bottle and these look lovely.

Anonymous said...

Lady Faye Arcelo

-Lady Faye Arcelo-

Cherrie Mae Carlos said...

Cherrie Mae Carlos


Anonymous said...

Name: Abigail T. Bravo
Twitter Name: @thatgirlhappy
Twitter Link:

enchie fremista said...

full name: Enchie Fremista
Twitter name: @natobata18
link of your tweet:


Good Luck to me :)))

Angel said...

Full name: Angelica Manalo
Twitter name: @angelicamanaloo

Anonymous said...

Kooleen Karmel Fernandez


jeanmonique said...

Jean Monique Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Nama: Camille Kate Reyes
Twitter: @purplekeyt

thanks. Ms. Laureen..

Rae Danao said...

Bianca Rae Danao

Anonymous said...

camille kate reyes

Michelle de Leon said...

Name: Michelle de Leon
Twitter Name: @chielabskimi

Anonymous said...


Joreina Blanco said...

Joreina Blanco

Lea said...

Rosenda Lea G. Rivera

Benz Dumol said...

Full name: Benessa Mae Dumol
Twitter name: @twirlyBee
Link of your tweet:

Dovi Amor Sabong said...

Dovi Amor Sabong

Earl Collin Ortiga said...

Earl Collin Ortiga
Twitter: EARLyflirt

Cheche Dakis said...

Felice Marriane Dakis

Angel Baroma said...

Maria Angelica P. Baroma


Name: claire sereno
Twitter name: @MayeeXin
Twitter link:

Ang bongga naman nito!

Happy Birthday!

Nikki dela Cruz said...

Full Name: Anna Christine dela Cruz
Twitter Name: @ThisIsMeNikkiD

Frances Carolyn Tan said...

Frances Carolyn Tan

Anonymous said...

Name: Margie dela Cruz
twitter name: marge0256

Kristine Villano said...

Kristine Villano

Lovelene Pearl Fajardo said...

Lovelene Pearl Fajardo

unBELLElivable said...

Name: Hanniebelle Luna
Twitter: @akai_hikki

Anonymous said...

Ann Jaylie Duran, @thatgirlJaylie and

khayedee said...

kristine dominique rivera

i think i'm first to comment... i hope i'll win. never got a chance to win any of your giveaways.. :(

Loraine Ira Amorin Ompad said...

Loraine Ira A. Ompad

KEYSEHbleLips said...

Kathleen Claire Cañeja

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :))) God Bless!

Ivy said...

full name: Ivy J. Amorin
Twitter name: @niroma

kitey said...

Chryzl Sicat
Twitter name:@kiteytey


Kristen Lara said...

kristen lara


Faith Mari said...

Faith Mari C. Baquirquir

Happy Birthday, Laureen! :)

Cassandra Ivana Bermudez said...

Cassandra Ivana Bermudez

Trish Lozano said...

full name: Trisha Camille Lozano
Twitter name: @trishlozanxx
link of your tweet:

Marie Castro said...

Marie Danicia Castro

Larissa said...

Larissa De Guzman Manguba

@cha said...

Charmaine Pauline Conrado

Maggie Irene said...

Fullname: Irene Oralde Magong
Twitter name:IreneMAGS

thescaredycat said...

Genesis Lim

Maggie Irene said...

Fullname: Irene Oralde Magong
Twitter name: IreneMAGS

Anonymous said...

Glyca Elle

Michelle said...

Hi! For the blog giveaway:
Michelle Diaz

Kara said...

Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

clique.ianne said...

Marianne Magno

Anonymous said...

Couleen Ysabel S. Conche

Anna Garcia said...

Ma. Anna Lourena Garcia , @aiinagarcia ,

Farn said...

Farina Mae A. Malamug

Iah Marie said...

Iah Marie C. Evangelista, @marieiah,

Tisha Green said...

I've heard of United Color of Benetton and these perfumes have a very simple, but powerful theme =)

Marzie Lugtu said...

Marissa Lugtu

cynel cabilen said...

cynel cabilen

Anonymous said...

Margie Gallamos

Style Grenade said...

Diana Jean de Belen

Lorices said...

Lorices Pearl Paiton

iamangelique said...

Angelique Ann R. Inguillo

Nikki said...

Nikki Quitasol

Anonymous said...

Marina Stefic
twitter name:aniram cifets


Lelly Montes said...

Lorelly Grace Montes
twitter: @lellygel

My style said...

Millicent Kathryn Q Esguerra
Twitter name:@minxesguerra/millicent esguerra

Rozenie V. Salubre said...

Rozenie V. Salubre

Mary Grace C. Miras said...

Mary Grace C. Miras

Anonymous said...

Marielle Marie Adriano

camila said...

Aimee Alvarez


Anonymous said...

Name : Marilyn G. Gomabo
twitter name : allengomez
twitter link :


Kamille said...

Kamille Angela I. Villamor

Barbs said...

Name: Barbara Arguelles
Twitter: @cheapskatejoins
Tweet link:

Joyce Lauren Lavapie said...

Joyce Lauren L. Lavapie

Patricia Romasanta said...

Patricia Romasanta

Rachel Anne Mae Vinas said...

Name: Mae Viñas
Twitter: MaeVinas18
Tweet Link:

Ghirlie Kilario said...

Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario

Marine Therese said...

full name: Marine Therese Decena
Twitter name:@cothciepie
Twitter Link:

Irene Pang said...

Irene Pang

j-h-e said...

Jezza D. Polinar

Sandra said...

Sandra Co

Anonymous said...

Thessa Alyanna C. Bayani, @thessalyanna,

anne palaganas said...

full name: Precious Anne Palaganas
Twitter name: @peonypink_10
the link of the tweet:

Mich Hung said...

Michelle Hung

karlitaps said...

Carla Dela Cruz

Julie Jean Bayalas said...

Julie Jean V. Bayalas @jianelhie

gailXY said...

Abigail S. Javier

Check out my tweet at:


Ohms Emocling said...

awesome giveaway!joined!though i cant find the like button Ms. Lauren:(

Ohms Emocling

Diana Ong said...

full name: Diana Ong Bantayan
twitter name: @IamMissArtemis
tweet link:

Anonymous said...

Rhyan Ragadio



"Win these by joining Laureen Uy's giveaway at "

Joan Pacalioga Abejuela said...

Joan P. Abejuela

Grace said...

Mary Grace S. Salvanera

Dana Alulod said...

Rocel Dana Mae B. Alulod

Rose Cruz said...

Mary Rose Cruz

Anonymous said...

Shara Marie M. Glorioso

Ayah CaR said...

Twitter name: @chasingayahcar

Nickha Pineda said...

Name: Nickha Denisse G. Pineda
Twitter username: @nickhapineda

Kristine B. Miranda said...

FULL NAME: Kristine B. Miranda
TWITTER NAME: tineepie

CarmisCaprice said...
carmi compasivo

Jill Roque said...

June Izabelle Roque

Happy birthday Ms. Laureen!:) God Bless you more!<3

apulen cabral said...

Name: Apolinaria Cabral
Twitter Name: apulencabral

Valentine Grindulo said...

Name: Valentina Grindulo
Twitter: @Sassylen

Anonymous said...

Shaliza Gail DJ. Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Full Name: Gladys Aiza Getigan
Twitter Name: @gladz06aiza
Link :

Anonymous said...

Name: Connie T. Agmaliw
Twitter Name: @connie_nyx18

Happy Birthday^^,

Anonymous said...

Full Name: April Me Y. Lamentillo
Twitter Id: @aprillamentillo
Link: Win United Colors of Benetton's new perfumes #benettonletsmove #benettonletslove by joining Laureen Uy's giveaway !!!💓

Anonymous said...

Aileen B. Bolocon
twitter: @lheenail
tweet link:

Chevylle said...

Name: Ma. Chevylle Ducos
Twitter: @Chevylle

Diana Joy Austria said...

Name: Diana Joy S. Austria
Twitter: @dianaaajoy

Diana Joy Austria said...

Name: Diana Joy S. Austria
Twitter: @dianaaajoy

Allyzon Mae Sabio said...

Allyzon Mae S. Sabio

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