On Full Blast

 Firstly let me tell you, Berocca Performance knows how to hold a party in style! It was actually my first time in a long time to attend a pool party and really loved the setting, the Berocca Night On Full Blast party was held at Maxims Hotel at Resorts World Manila. Since it was pool party theme, it was such a relief to see everyone else (including me) dressed laid-back. 
 Fellow blogger Patty Laurel with husband Patrick.
 Photographer Danial Tan all ready to take good photos of everyone in the party. Look how prepared he is! Everyone was tweeting #OnFullBlast too. 
Trixie Esguerra 
 For you guys who are new to Berocca and curious to know what it is, basically it’s a multivitamin drink clinically proven to enhance one’s mental and physical performance. A notable key point with Berocca that has gain so much attention is that unlike ingesting a pill form substance, Berocca comes in an effervescent form that you dissolve in water to create an orange-flavored refreshment. It tastes so good! Plus, your body absorbs the vitamins and nutrients faster once you drink it. 
 Each table had a glass of Berocca already served to help the young party-goers be On Full Blast the entire night. 
JM Rodriguez and Nicole Andersson 
 DJ Callum David rocked the party no matter what the weather condition was. 
 So the real party started when the games began. First round: The Berocca girls simultaneously leapt into the pool with empty Berocca tubes containing messages indicating prizes such as Berocca gift packs and Ipod Nanos. It was a real tease to get everyone into the pool! 
 Towards the end of the night, it was announced that the grand prize were a 64GB Ipad 3 so a lot of people just went wild, jumped in the pool and tried to get every Berocca tubes they could. It was just a fun event- something new and amusing. 
The venue at Maxims Hotel was absolutely breathtaking, complete with a unique layout and bright lights. With many familiar faces and VIPs, everyone got together to enjoy a wild night followed by a back-to-back after party held at Republiq Superclub, Resorts World. To know more about Berocca, follow them on Twitter @BeroccaPH. They’re giving away freebies and stuff to keep you #OnFullBlast. BMS.


Kristine Bulatao said...

Cool shots! :)

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Donna said...

Beautiful photos! That party looks very awesome! xo,

Eva Wu said...

great event!

Honey Lyn Barrera said...

Nice one! orange-flavored refreshment? for faster absorption of nutrients in the body. ^_^