Quick N Easy

I think a lot of you know that I'm such a huge foodie based on my IG photos. Haha. But because of my hectic schedule, I hardly ever get a chance to cook yummy healthy meals for myself. Thank goodness I discovered this new product by Del Monte that makes it way easier for me to prepare my own little dishes in just a matter of minutes! Del Monte Quick N Easy released so many mixes. (Check out my first blog post about it here)
  My first dish: Italian PizzaIngredients: 100g ground beef, 1 tsp oil, 1 pc small sliced green bell pepper, 3 tbsp canned sliced mushrooms, 100g quickmelt grated cheese, 1 pouch (115 g) Del Monte Italian Pizza Sauce, 8 pcs. loaf bread slices.
 Preparing for my yummy Italian Pizza. While waiting for the beef to be cooked, I toasted the bread first for two minutes so there's more time to be save. 
 Preparing to spread the sauce on the bread. I swear, it's so easy to make! I was also using their app so I can listen to music so it's more fun. Every recipe has a different song to fit in your cooking mood too. Don't you just love it?!
 So I already put everything on top of the bread. You just need to toast it for another 2 minutes and that's it!
 The finished product. YUM. 
 Second dish: Chicken Curry. I love chicken and I love curry. Perfect mix! 
 Ingredients: 1/2 kg potato chunks, 300g carrot chunks, 3 cloves crushed garlic, 1 pc medium sliced onion, 1 kg chicken thigh and leg (cut up), 2 tsp oil, 1 pouch (40g) Del Monte Quick n Easy curry mix, 1 cup thick coconut milk, 1 pc small red bell pepper cubes.
 You can also check out their website for more ingedientd and check out how fun the website is! 
 Say hello to my assistant Celyn Jaravata- she always takes my outfit shots and now she's helping me out with cutting the carrots and potatoes. 
 Yes, here I am asking how I can do it properly. Hahaha. 
For the entire process, click HERE.
The final dish. Yey!
Whoever said a fashion blogger can't blog about food? Once you've tried Quick N' Easy, you can't help but share the magic you can create in the kitchen! BMS.


Airene said...

Thanks for sharing! That bread loaf is an awesome idea to make mini pizza. I may try it this week. And the chicken curry look so delish! yummm!


C ♥ said...

I didn't know you could cook! :) It's nice to know more about you through your blog! :)

jordansyed said...

so nice work .

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

never knew you can cook hahaha

Zea Tampus said...

It's the other side of you Ms. Lauren. It's not all the fashion trends, make-ups and all that jazz but also you showed us this new side of yours and that is cooking! With Del Monte quick n' easy, ang dish na impossibleng gawin ay nagiging madali. :))

Kristine Bulatao said...

By the looks of it, it looks so deli! :)

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Honey Lyn Barrera said...

I should try the Italian Pizza. looks so delicious! thanks for sharing ideas. :)

Ay-Mi said...

I love to try making pizza! :D