Phuket, Thailand

 If you want privacy and relaxation, check in at Westin Bay Resort. Look at their private beach! So peaceful. 
 Our view from the room. Wish I could wake up everyday seeing this outside my window.
 Bikinis from House of Vanita and Call It Spring
 Camera time! When you're on a trip with bloggers- it's non stop picture galore!!! Hahaha.
 I absolutely love this Lagu beach blanket. The first ever beach blanket that repels sand, making it easy for you! I promise to bring this every time I go to the beach. 
 Breakfast of champions!
 Kata beach. Oh, the things I will do just to go back here again. 
 See our reflection on Kryz's sunnies?
 Reve cover up, Call It Spring bikini
 We had a scrumptious lunch at Ska Bar. 
Beach + booze = happiness
There are so many happy things you can do in life. Travel, be with friends, eat, laugh and live life without negativity. BMS.


Histrionic Deity said...

Obviously you, Kryz & Cams had fun! Read their blog posts and it really seemed you enjoy each other's company too much! :-)

Etaduran said...

Such a nice place!!! :)


LovelyLeila said...

amazing, looks so much fun!

Christine said...

Nice shots!

docgelo said...

Are those your breakfast plates? Can't believe because in HKDL last Feb you guys only ate far from what we pig out, hahaha! Was too shy to gel with you then but my wife, Tina didn't resist for a photo-op with you as she's a huge fan of your teleserye before. Great to see you had fun in Thailand. Photos look so inviting!

misspinkbridgetine said...

Laureen, I love it when you make travel blogs. By the way, what camera do you use? I love the quality :)

Carmina Fernando said...

Beautiful shots! :) what are the specific cameras did you, camille and kryz used? thanks :)

Kristine Bulatao said...

The place looks so lovely. :)
You ladies look so pretty! :)

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elderflowertea said...

Nice =)

Chirs Adam said...

Thanks for sharing with us.

Maggie Irene said...

oh.. your vacation was just so grande :)I know I could also have that time with my friends someday, maybe after college. :) I hope to see a lot of trips from you, like what you did "doing the gangnam style"