Project White

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it might be the longest month of the year as there’s the last minute shopping, wrapping, cooking, well-wishing and annual family gathering to get through. Of course, all these won't stop us gurus from being important and confident all throughout the season.
 And because we're talking about confidence, I'd like to share with you Sanofi's event for Lactacyd White Intimate Feminine Wash a few months ago. It was hosted by Patty Laurel. If you haven't heard this product yet, then watch out for it. Their radio ads are so witty and you'd definitely love the message!There were dance numbers followed by an exciting fashion show featuring fabulous collections of promising young designers Veejay Floresca, Santi Obcena and Russell Villafuerte from Project Runway Philippines Alumni. The show was called Project White- hence the girls in white ensembles. Project White is all about what white pieces you can wear with even toned skin.  The collections highlighted the confidence that women can have to wear any type of clothing to suit their lifestyle, especially when there is no need to worry about some skin showing. I love the set up of the stage and how it really makes all the white dresses look flowy and amazing. I must say, the designs are really awesome. Below are some of my favorite pieces.I love the white + silver combination. And the pop of purple eyeshadow makes a lot of difference too. The perfect way to describe this dress? Subtle and sexy. Love the drapes! And of course, the halter cut that makes your arms look thinner. For those of you who do not know about this product yet, Lactacyd is the #1 feminine hygiene brand worldwide, trusted by millions of women and recommended by doctors for over 30 years. Lactacyd White Intimate creates a new category within feminine hygiene that promises the natural way to intimate fairness and confidence. Made with natural whitening ingredients (plant based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite), it gently lightens the skin around the intimate area and is clinically proven to give lightening results in 7 days!Lactacyd White Intimate is a unique variant. It is the only feminine wash that combines effective cleansing and protection with a gentle natural whitening action in the bikini area. Lactacyd White Intimate was developed to address the darkening of the skin in the bikini area. I'm actually a user of Lactacyd and I must say, it really works!And the said fashion show was headed by no other than “It Girl” Georgina Wilson, who also happens to be the endorser of Sanofi's newest product- Lactacyd White Intimate Feminine Wash. It's developed specifically for women who are strong, smart and confident like her. I swear, she's the perfect endorser for this. Even her voice on the radio ads are sooo her. My favorite part of fashion shows, when all the models walk out so I get to see a better look of the dresses.Georgina Wilson explains how and why Lactacyd White is the feminine wash for all women out there. To know more about the product, visit their Facebook fanpage. BMS.


racingcourne said...

I love white dresses! But I always feel like I'm too tan for them. But hey, maybe I'll try some out after this entry. =)

braquel bryskie said...

beautiful georgina wilson!! :)

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

all in white.....AWESOME

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jeanmonique said...

Georgina Wilson is sooo gorgeous! <3 I love Lactacyd... Can't wait to try their new product. :)

Jean Monique Sanchez