Quick N Easy 2

 Since I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my last Quick N' Easy post, I decided to make another one again! I guess since I always post outfit shots, people are also curious to know what I do when I'm home. I don't normally cook- but because Del Monte Quick N' Easy makes it so much easier... Why not! 
 Caldereta is a slow-cooking meat stew recipe. It's a popular dish during big occasions. It's not normally cooked during just any day- the traditional way of cooking pork caldereta takes a lot of effort, but thanks to Del Monte – Quick N' Easy for giving us easy cooking buddy. 
 Ingredients: 150 g potato chunks, 3 tbsp oil, 1-1/2 tbsp liver spread, ½ kg lean beef chunks, 1 pouch (80g) Del Monte Quick n Easy Caldereta Sauce, 1 tbsp grated cheese, 50 g red bell pepper strips, ½ cup frozen green peas and 1 pc siling labuyo (sliced) 
 Easy as 1, 2, 3! Be sure the meat is tender before saut√©ing and adding the rest of the ingredients. This will take 45 mins. 1 hour cooking time but it’s worth it.
 While waiting for the dish to be cooked, I answered emails and blogged. Kulang pa ang one hour!
 Tada! The final dish. 
There are so many Del Monte Quick N' Easy sauces- try it all out and make your life in the kitchen easier and less stressful! BMS.


This is Hanz said...

Nice post :) Yummy! Makes me hungry. Well, what camera did you use?

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...


Life's a shoe said...

this looks good!

Angela Beatriz a.k.a. Gelabeansss said...

I love caldereta! I'll definitely try this :)

Ayah CaR said...

Yummeh! I hope to taste it too. And even the foods are fashionista

Cherise said...

I miss seeing you in soaps Amethyst :)

Zane Saria said...

Wow, You're amazing Laureen! That looks soooooooo yummy :-). Gotta try that too. I'm looking forward to more post about your home recipes. Love you!

Mae said...

yum...yum..yum...can you make pizza for me?...:)