New In: Hollywood Style USA Products

I know I rarely blog about beauty products, but I do try and find the time to share with you guys the new items I try. Skin care products are very important, because they really help you a lot to make your skin softer and more radiant. These Hollywood Style USA lotions are specifically designed for your needs. Not only do you get the wonderful properties of herbs, but you also get the benefit of the fixed oils you choose as well. Aside from the nice packaging, they're really suited for everyone's needs and will surely give you the results you want. Take your skin care to another level- take good care of it. I use lotion everyday to keep my skin soft.
Herbal whitening lotion. It has an advanced formula rich with well-known natural whitening and bleaching actives, making your skin more radiant and more noticeable.
Collagen firming lotion. Rich in high quality active firming ingredients. If you want your skin to be more toned and firm, I suggest you use this. Perfect for after work outs! 
Body shimmer lotion: A unique lotion that instantly gives a sun- kissed glowing radiance.
 These whitening products are all made for each other! 
Facial wash. A brighter and fairer complexion begins with daily cleansing using an effective cleanser. This whitening face wash is a high-strength formula made with a blend of all natural plant extracts such as citrus fruits to wash away impurities and deep clean pores, bleaching actives, such as papaya to brighten dark parts age spots and freckles.
Whitening scrub. This scrub is so gritty that it will help remove that stubborn skin and unclogged pores. I also love the after effect of this body scrub because it leaves your skin extra soft afterwards. You'd want those uneven colored areas to be radiant, right? Leave your skin irresistibly soft so everyone will be envious of your skin! 
Whitening lotion. Especially made for body parts that are darker than the rest of the body that needs extra care and nurturing. Perfect after you use the whitening scrub.
Peel off mask. This has an extra strength formula made with mulberries. This potent formula helps dissolve dead cells and absorbs debris and impurities, uncovering newer, healthier-looking skin. With regular use complexion will be whiter, brighter and fairer. BMS.


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