Nivea Summer Blast 2013

 Every other year, Nivea throws a huge summer sports event that makes everyone excited for it. I attended the Nivea event last 2010 at Misibis Bay and it was definitely one of the most memorable events I've attended so when they asked me if I can go to the one this year- no doubt about my response: OF COURSE
 This year, the Nivea Summer Blast was held at Palawan and we stayed at Sheridan Beach Resort. 
 When we arrived at the resort, we had lunch and went to see the underground river (which was absolutely breathtaking). Some of them did Zipline after but I was too scared to try it. 
 After dinner, they launched the new product of Nivea which is the cooling mist. Their commercial is really amusing too. It's perfect for summer especially if you're feeling hot and sticky. 
 We also lit up some floating lanterns and it was a wonderful view when all the floating lanterns were in the sky altogether. Very movie-like!
 Here with Nicole Andersson, Luis Alandy, Carla Humphries, Yanee Nunes and Chicoy. 
 Second day. Here we go- the main event. Okay, so I'm not really the most athletic person in the world, but I was chosen to be team captain for the yellow team. The person who organized this awesome event told me, "You know, when your sister Liz was chosen as the team captain years ago, they won first place." Spell pressure?! Hahaha. 
 The yellow- green- orange- blue team.
 Rambo Nunez telling us the rules of the game.
 Here I am being serious. Game face on! 
 We'd always find time to put Nivea sunblock and the cooling mist so we'd still feel refreshed the entire game. We should always protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun so it'll stay soft and glowing. 
If we were given an award, it would probably be "best in cheering." haha my teammates and I kept shouting "team yellow" the whole time. I'm sure ang annoying na namin. We didn't get to win first place, only second, but we did our best and it was an unforgettable experience.
 Team green won. Congratulations!!!
The event kicked off my summer with a good start and I'm looking forward to spending more time in the beach. Thank you Nivea for inviting me. 
If you want to see the video compilation of our trip, watch it below. BMS.


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Must be so much fun! <3 x

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Kerz Resuena said...

Congratulations Team Yellow! Even though you were just in second place but still you've made it. It shows how good leader you are Ms. Lau! I am pretty sure you summer for this year is really fun and unforgettable.