Powerful Connections

MyDSL commercials really caught my attention. I love how it talks about how the strongest connections are always at home- and it’s not just talking about the family, of course. Their commercials always show support and love to one another. I’m sure everyone knows about Anna Banana, right? PLDT MyDSL actually helps me a lot- not just with work but with connections to my family as well. It's really reliable when I'm in need to upload something for my blog and when I want to Skype or Facetime with my loved ones abroad. I’ve been subscribing to their channel and I just find all the commercials really meaningful. It’s all about having a strong connection with your family and now that everyone’s internet savvy nowadays, strong internet connections really matter. Here are a series of the PLDT myDSL youtube videos:
In this video, the daddy is saying sorry about the lost of the dog through Internet and asks for the help of their kids. You can also see how their family bonds together to the help of unlimited Internet. Do you see how their strong family ties? Cute noh?! I love strong family communication and values. Saying sorry online is really an effective way to get someone’s attention- especially if you do it like this. Here are some PLDT MyDSL’s youtube videos:
Look how sweet Derek is. He made a video for Anna!
This cliffhanger definitely made a lot of people watch out for the next commercial.
Welcoming Derek’s new Anna Banana.

If you want more, you can watch/ download everything you need and upload and even update what is happening to you. Just subscribe at MyDSL Anna Banana YouTube Channel so you can have an update with Lorenzo Family. Your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong, reliable, family sized connection of MyDSL. You can enjoy up to 10Mbps so the strongest connections are at home- and even get a free WiFi modem for high-speed plans!
Better yet, head over to the PLDT Home Pop App Store in SM Megamall or SM North EDSA this weekend and check out the myDSL Great Payday Summer Sale from April 12-14. You can get more freebies when you sign up including free installation, a free wifi modem, free WiFi Zone subscription up to June 30- and a free Telpad unit for all Telpad plans. You can also get hotel discount coupons from and a chance to win a Sony Vaio Duo II laptop. The Pop App Store is a one-stop shop also lets you experience what it would be like to have a digitally-connected home with PLDT Fibr and Telpad, the world’s first tablet and landline in one. Families will get a fuller, more enjoyable experience in communication, entertainment, and security. By the way, I hear Derek will be dropping by the Pop App Store in Megamall this afternoon! Another reason to go! Visit for more details on how to get your family connected today with myDSL from home from the PLDT group. BMS.

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