A Different Side of Me

(American Apparel neon pink top, Topman necklace, Hong Kong brand vest, Stylebreak shorts, Balenciaga bag, Shoecrazeee booties)

I just finished a shoot for a friend's portfolio. The peg is so not my style- that's why I liked it. I usually get inspirations from Nylon Magazine before shoots, but this time it's veering towards V magazine: less smile, more emotions. Best part was, I got to wear Stylebreak items for the entire shoot. Very BMS. Here are some behind-the-scene photos.


annie marie. said...

i like your purse cute

Ang, J. said...

Can't wait for the final photos!!

Kreiza Patolot said...

I love it, Laureen. Where will it be printed? Is it going to be on a magazine? BTW, you're so pretty :))