Halloween at Republiq

(dress by Aleli Yap, H&M bracelets, Rafe clutch and HongKong brand shoes)
 Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

1. Raymond Gutierrez, Mike Concepcion and Franco Daza as three mexicans
2. Dressed as Tinkerbell
3. Bea Soriano as Queen of Hearts
4. Aidrien Semblat as Woody and Isabelle Daza as Zorro's wife
5. Random
6. Karl Lagerfeld and Liz Uy as Maleficent
7. Victor Basa as Hugh Heffner and Divine Lee as Playboy bunny
8. Republiq
9. Everyone (Carlos Concepcion as an indian)
10. Georgina Wilson as Playboy bunny and Carla Humphries as Wonderwoman
11. Tim Yap as twitterbird
12. Random 


Kreiza Patolot said...

I love Bianca Soriano's costume. And Georgina's, of course. They're gorgeously hot! Laureen's costume is sooo cute :))

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so good!!!

Laureen Uy said...

Hey Kreiza it's Bea Soriano :D

Corve DaCosta said...


Kreiza Patolot said...

Laureen, oh, sorry. HAHA. I don't really know her :)) Sorry. :))