Sparkling on Rain

( Forever 21 sequined top, Human cardigan, H&M shorts, vintage socks, Steve Madden wedges)

This old sequined top was in my closet for the longest time. I never got to wear them since the back part is just plain black cloth (I find it outdated). It's signal 1 here in Manila, so I decided to just pile on layers and layers of clothing that would match my oversized cardi. Who knew this would turn out great?

I was just at the showroom; did some last minute errands before I take a vacation tomorrow. I'm really in love with this Stylebreak dress btw. 
Photos by: Martin Cuna


Patricia Prieto said...

I know what you mean about those tops that don't continue all around. Anyway, great look and lovely dress!

Laureen Uy said...

Thanks Patricia! I still owe you 400 bucks. Wait till you see our next collection. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

when'll be your next collection? i thought you'll release them this week.

Laureen Uy said...

Will be releasing them next week. Sorry for the delay guys!