Featured in Tongue in Chic

For those of you who do not know what Tongue in Chic is, it's a malaysian-based fashion website. I was really shocked when I opened my email and saw Christine Iglesias' name there (she's a contributor). To my surprise, she said she featured me in her blog. Wow. Whenever I visit her blog, everything is so inspiring, which made me smile because I'm now part of it. I love her blog and I love how she writes. Thank you again Christine.
To read the whole article (and yes, I'm forcing you to read it), CLICK HERE.


Pink Stilettos said...

Congrats! This is awesome...xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow those shoes look amazing! I don't know how you walk in them though; they look like they're three inches high! I'd be breaking my legs lol. Your dress is really cute too. Overall, it's a great picture!