(Zara top, Hong Kong brand jeans, Alexander Wang bag, Jimmy Choo shoes)

The last time I woke up at 7:00am for school was.... a long time ago. Supposedly my class was at 9:00am, good thing I was able to change it to an afternoon class. When I woke up, I felt pretty happy that it wasn't raining. I love our CAS garden at this time, it's so chill-- so peaceful and quiet because all the students are inside their classrooms studying. 
Just to let you guys know, all graduating students in our course are required to wear corporate/ business attire everyday. *sigh*


Pink Stilettos said...

Lovin' the Jimmy Choo's xoxo

Maria Tumambing said...

Loving both day and night looks! Corporate dress code everyday = more outfit posts on your blog :)

Kreiza Patolot said...

You should totally have a BMS-Magazine published every month. You should be the model for everything. Loveiit =))

Anonymous said...

you know how to pose. really.

Laureen Uy said...

Thanks guys! xx