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We arrived late to the book signing because we overslept due to the wind and grind of going around Manila all day. I wasn't able to hear Yvan talk. What a bummer. 
Even though the line was super long, I didn't get bored because I met a lot of fashionable bloggers. 

The after party at Kyss:
sisters Vicky and Rosario Herrera
leather and studs
You will be missed Yvan Rodic. BMS.


Raleene said...

afterparty looked fun!!! if i didnt have schoolwork i wouldve went :( but it was nice seein u again!


I Am Alexa said...

Hahaha OMG I'm on one of your photos. (I'm the one wearing the leopard leggings.) ^^ I love your shoes! It was great meeting you at the event. :)

Ag said...

The photos are so fantastic!!! Ya'll took fab to another level

Laureen Uy said...

Nice to meet you Alexa :)

Raleene: It was so fun! I hate school work :( see you soon!

Bubblegum Design Studio said...
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Fashion Me Chic said...

Maybe we can follow each other?

Luigi said...

Happy New Year!

sbot said...

Wow, this looks like alot of fun. So many great shoes~!

Following your blog now, hope youll like to follow mine too : )


Shore Delano said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. You look amazing in your leather dress!

Violetta E. said...

amazing post!
HNY <3

Pervesely Perfect said...
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Pervesely Perfect said...

You look fab! It's too bad about not hearing him. At least you got some awesome pictures.


Happy New Year's Darling!

Joy and Amore said...

love all these shots ar gorgeous.and you too
love your blog,feel free if you want to exchange link & follow.

adele said...
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adele said...
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adele said...

woooow! COOL photos! AWESOME LOOKS! love all the shoes too! :D


SoulePhenomenon said...

Awesome to meet you that day Laureen! =) You looked awesome!


Anagon =) said...

I love the Uy sisters even more after this event :) Thank you for being sooo accommodating to us bloggers who want to have our photos with you two heehee :))

Fanny said...

looooove that bag x