Laces and Sheer in Black

 (vintage lace polo top, Stylebreak jumpsuit, Charlotte Olympia wedges)

10:00am- wake up
12:00nn- meeting and taste test for our school project
3:00pm- made an article and answered a Q&A portion for
5:00pm- went to the Stylebreak showroom to fix some stuff
6:30pm- taping for Us Girls
9:30pm- dinner with friends

I guested for Us Girl together with Metro magazine people. 
I met Iya a long time ago, so when we were introduced again, I was sure she wouldn't recognize me. When we started chit-chatting, she asked me, 
"what's your last name?" and I knew the next question would be, "Are Vince's and Liz's sister?" 
So my reply was, "yes, I am the sister of Vince and Liz."
"Your eyes and smile gave it away." says Iya.

The segment was about our opinions on what people wore during the MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) and Christmas Special. I actually liked a lot of gowns. Watch the show to know my opinions and suggestions.
Ended the night with a couple of drinks with my friends. BMS.


LiezyL said...

oh wow, sana i can watch that episode!

lara said...

ganda ng outfit mo sa US Girls

annette said...

how awesome....

i adore the Olympias... DROOL!

Frankie said...

Is that a Valentino dress/siut Liz is wearing? or is it vintage? The shape looks amazing!

Laureen Uy said...

Thanks guys! xx

@Frankie: I think a local designer made it for her.

Fanny said...

lovely pictures x

Anonymous said...

is Liz' wearing YSL tributes? :)Love your Blog!!