Bottoms Up, Bottoms Up

 (Top from China, Chanel shorts, Gucci bag, F&H by Andre Chang platforms)

Usually, when I buy an item, I can already visualize how to wear it, but when I bought this top- I had zero knowledge of how to match it with anything. Luckily, they're a perfect match with my Chanel shorts and I didn't know it until I wore them together.
 With my photographer of the day Carlos Concepcion. I totally loved his look.

I did so many things last Thursday, and one of them was guesting for Boys Night Out with my sister Liz. Thank you Tony Toni, Sam YG and Slick Rick for the unforgettable experience! BMS.


helena said...

You're wearing an awesome top!
And the title of your blogpost is Trey Songz's "Bottoms up" right? :D

Anonymous said...

like the top and the bag! X

Joanna Paulsen said...

Love it!

Fabliha said...

I love the detailing in your top