Popping Colors

(Jellybean top, Extreme Finds necklace, Topshop bracelets, Rodarthe for Target skirt, Steve Madden wedges)
I wanted to look fresh and Last Monday because I had lunch with all the dentists and owners of Asian Base Dental Group (ABDG), so I wore this cute Rodarthe for Target skirt that Belle gave me as a Christmas gift (too bad I wasn't able to include it in my Top 10 list because she gave it to me last Jan 2011). 
To be honest, I had mixed emotions when I saw my face all over Greenhills. It's not that I'm acting all high and mighty, it's just that, I get awkward when I see myself in posters, videos, in general. It's a personal quirk, I guess. I'm only really comfortable seeing my own reflection in mirrors, or silverware.
I have yet to try their services out. 
To know more about their branches and services, visit: ABDG


Michelle said...

Ohhh! I never knew that was you. I see that ad EVERYWHERE! It's awesome! :)

Great outfit too by the way! I love your nails! :)

Anonymous said...

omg i love your skirt! luckyy. a rodarte piece :)

denimpluszebra said...

I knew it!!! you were the one in greenhills!!! :-) I said is that laureen uy?! they were like. Sino yun and i was like. My idol :-) Lol :-) Knew it!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty top!

LiezyL said...

you do have an awesome smile!

Bella Donna said...

wow, congrats. what about billboard for the next project? :)

annette said...

thats crazy awesome!! great smile missy!!


manuelpacifico said...

ohmylord that outfit! sooo cute!! i love the colors of your top! the skirt is so-so but when i saw it was Rodarthe for Target, it became fabulous na! hahaha! sorry LTS (Little Tag Syndrome) haha! and those shoes, I've loved them in previous posts, still love them up to now. :)

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